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10 Tools Every Marketer Should Use At Least Once

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7 minutes read

Alrighty guys, there’s a new year ahead of us, so let’s start it the right way.

Marketing trends are changing way too often, so here’s a list of tools that you may want to use this year to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Ahrefs


The rules for an efficient SEO have shifted drastically over the past few years. It’s tough for the modern-day marketer to keep abreast with the latest changes, the new rules, and the growing trends related to SEO.

From a historical point of view, the best thing you can do is focus on keywords. Of course, there are lots of different aspects and elements that we should consider. Things like the number of backlinks, the URL rating, and of course, the content you have on your website; these are just a few aspects that you should take into account.

Here’s where Ahrefs plays a role. This site will enable you to analyze websites, track social media, build backlinks, and (probably the best thing) analyze your competition.

There are lots of neat things you can do with this tool, but, of course, it comes with a price. The cheapest premium plan goes for $99/month, and the advanced plan will make a $399 hole in your pocket.

However, if you are a marketer, and you want to optimize your site’s performance, you should give it a try.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to start analyzing your website using this tool.

1. Sign up. ( Enjoy the free trial, it gets expensive after 14 days.)

2. Add your site to the dashboard.

3. Add some keywords you want to follow and your location.

4. Start analyzing your website ranking, keywords, and backlinks.


For a copywriter, every email you receive from HARO is a lottery ticket.

HARO is an acronym for “Help A Reporter Out”. This tool (which for some reason is not very popular among advertisers) gives you amazing media opportunities. This is how it works. HARO connects journalists with relevant expert sources, to meet journalists’ demanding deadlines, and enable brands to tell their stories.

There are huge media outlets out there using this platform. Mashable, The New York Times, and Fox News are some of the places you could land an article for your brand.

3. Markerly

Power influencers are something that you shouldn’t ignore. Contacting at least one influencer should be in your marketing campaign this year. It’s statistically proven that people will more likely buy something if it’s coming from someone they trust. This is the reason that there is so much sponsored content lately, and so many content creators are partnering with brands.

Markerly is here to make that influence-advertiser connection better. This tool enables the marketer to get their product in front of the demographic that matters most to their brand.

If you want to read more about sponsored content, you can read this article Chad Pollitt wrote for Moz.

4. SlideShare

Studies have shown that visual learning improves learning by up to 400%. Photos, or images for that matter, get placed in your long-term memory and transmit messages faster. This is why presentation tools like Slideshare, are so useful when you want to learn about something new.

From case studies to step-by-step guides, Slideshare has everything you could want.

You can get even more creative and create a SlideShare that will attract clients, and embed it in a banner. 

5. Pocket

We all love a good blog, article, or a cool video, but sometimes you just don’t have time to read or watch it. I mean, let’s take this article that you’re reading for example.

You’ve already read like 500 words, which took you approximately 3 minutes. That’s a lot of time for a busy marketer like you and you probably don’t have the time to read the rest of this article.

This is the moment when Pocket plays a part. After you’ve added an article to Pocket, you could now read it, even if you are offline.
So, if you don’t have the time to read the rest of this article, just Pocket it.

6. Evernote

Evernote is like a Pocket for your ideas. We all have that moment when you suddenly get an awesome idea, and you feel like if you don’t write it down in the next minute, you will forget about it. Evernote is here to save that idea from dying. That’s a tad bit dramatic, but the point is that this tool can be very helpful for any creative marketers out there.

You can do more than just write ideas, though. You can create to create lists, clip web articles, record audio notes, and more. Give it a try.

7. Google Apps

Alright, we all use at least one tool from the Google Apps suite.

I use almost everything Google has to offer, and I’m sure that other marketers do the same. I am certain that you, just like myself, use Google Docs to write articles or to share them with your coworkers.

One particular tool that I’ve used recently, and it works better than other similar (expensive) tools, is Google Forms. I managed to create an awesome survey for  Creatopy users in less than 5 minutes. You can check it out here if you want to (feel free to take the survey). One thing that you have to keep in mind when you create a survey, using the new Google Forms, is that the new app is still in beta.

So, there are a few things that won’t work as well as they should. However, I think that this tool is better than survey monkey or other similar products.

8. Hootsuite

Managing social media can be a burden. You either don’t have the time to do it, or you just want to save some time. If you are new to this social media game, or you want to automatize the curating content process and the posting process, Hootsuite is a must-have. Their proprietary software will publish content to your social networks automatically.

Hootsuite lets you manage up to 100 social networks and you can share it with up to 10 team members.

This tool is trusted and used by huge companies like eBay, Orange, Levi’s, and many others.

“We designed HootSuite to be a comprehensive dashboard for agencies, enterprises and consultants using social media to monitor brands, manage campaigns and analyze results. We’ve integrated with the leading social networks – including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – and now look forward to adding mash-ups through our API as well as adding more reports which business users seek.” Ryan Holmes, CEO @HootSuite

9. Schedugram 

With over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is in the top five social media platforms. There are a bunch of reasons why people love Instagram so much. The clutter-free experience is something that people appreciate. Going on Instagram feels like going out of the city for a few hours and enjoying the fresh air.

“However, sometimes there is just too much noise for me, too. And I just want to relax. I feel like I need a simple platform where I can find the necessary information that I need. Sometimes I use Flipboard just to look around, and sometimes I’m on Medium just to stay away from the noise that Facebook or Twitter is making. But most of the time, I’m on Instagram. Instagram, for me, is the place where I can find inspiration and peacefulness. Or other times, nothing.” Robert Katai, Brand Evangelist Creatopy.

As a brand, you have an enormous responsibility when you post on Instagram; or any other social media platform, for that matter. You should focus more on the content that you post, instead of the posting itself. This is why you should optimize your posting using Schedugram.

Schedugram is similar to Hootsuite, but it’s designed specifically for Instagram. You can pre-upload images or videos, schedule content for later, and have multiple accounts or multiple users.

This third-party app will save you some time and money so you should check it out.

10. Iconosquare

Ok, so you’ve posted your content on Instagram, but now you have to see how your content is behaving; therefore, you need stats. Posting content without being data-driven can be treacherous.

Quoting Lemony Snicket “Those unable to catalog the past are doomed to repeat it.” However, we know that Instagram is not large-handed when it comes to metrics, but don’t worry. There’s a tool for that, too.

Iconosquare makes Instagram more comfortable, giving you precious statistical insights for a better understanding of your community and your content.

That’s all for today, guys. I’m sure you found at least one of these tools useful. And if you did, I would very much appreciate your feedback in the comments below.

If there’s a tool worthy to be added to this list, let me know.

Keep being awesome.

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