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Case study: AB testing for Facebook ads and results

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Today I’ll introduce you to an interesting experiment. This campaign was started by a writer who‘s trying to get the word out about her new book. She made 2 banner ads featuring two different versions of the book cover. The copy, the illustration and the targeted group of her ads were the same for both versions. The only thing that was changed is the background color of the cover, as you can see in the pictures below.

These ads ran in the Facebook newsfeed and on the right side (domain ads).

ebook ad


The click-throughs from the Facebook domain ads were so minimal that the results were useless but the gray background cover beat the red by more than 5 to 1 in the Facebook newsfeed!
The author has, of course, removed ad A and she also stuck with the grey cover for the book, not just in the ads.

This teaches us that sometimes the smallest changes can have a great impact on results, and that we should always be testing!

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