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What Instagram achieved is simply amazing. They are the living proof that a simple social media website can connect more than 400 million users on a single platform. Imagine that everything started with a mobile network that allowed you to add filters on your photo.

Today, we can see talented photographers, brands and agencies that connect to their community through Instagram.

After we shared with you the “Anatomy of an Instagram ad” Infographic, we took a closer look to the creative industry and rounded up a list of 32 agencies (digital, design, advertising and production) that are active on Instagram and can be a great inspiration resource for you and start using our Instagram Story maker.


1. Happy Cog

From puppies to parties, from brainstorming meetings to coffees are just a few elements you’ll be able to see on their Instagram feed. There are a lot of fun and optimistic ways to show how interesting Happy Cog is and behind all their big projects with MTV, HBS and Zappos they always find time to have some fun.

 2. SapientNitro

How SapientNitro describes itself as a “new breed of agency redefining storytelling for an always-on world” is just fantastic. Between their party photos and other behind the scene agency moments, you will find some great quotes to start your day motivated.

3. Toolofna

Toolofna is not an agency, but they are a production company that helps agencies and brands create some interesting projects. You will see in their feed the hard work they are doing and all the simple and funny moments they have at their agency.

4. Pentagram Design

I was very curious if Pentagram has their own Instagram account. And they do. So if you work in the branding, design or creative industry, you should follow them. Between their sketches for different clients, you will also see interesting videos for some campaigns, a dog and even the real Snoop Dogg.

5. UNIT9

They are a specialized team of innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, gaming experts, art directors, designers, producers and film directors. As you can see in their Instagram feed, they are living in a trending world showing their community about Virtual Reality, parties, projects and other moments.

6. Mother London

Mother London is doing something different with their Instagram feed. They are handing their account to one of Mother’s favourite creative people. You will see some creative photos and videos.

7. Huge Inc

As Digiday said about Huge Inc “Huge’s creative department treats its Instagram account as a playground, with the creatives spotlighting things they think are cool and tasteful, in and around Huge.” and with their description “Make something you love” you don’t need any other information to follow them, right?

8. Made by Many

Based offices in New York and London they love to help clients take on the challenge of rapid changes in markets and technologies. Their Instagram feed is mostly with food and other team building events, brainstorming and parties. Ohh yes, they also have pets like cats and monkeys.

9. Ogilvy & Mather

With a simple description in their bio saying “You already know” this is an agency Instagram account you should follow if you want to keep up with their news. Between events, festivals and quotes that David Ogilvy said, you will see some beautiful landscapes and other well-designed visuals.

10. Razorfish

Razorfish’s Instagram feed is about people and events and sometimes about landscapes and portraits. Why do you have an Instagram account if you don’t communicate through it, right? So the pioneer of marketing in the digital age are sharing theirs behind the scene life.

11. ideo

Meet Guac, Pom, Meep, Freds and Floof – latest kids app Monster Moves. These are just a few videos and photos you will see on this global design consultancy agency’s Instagram feed. After you scroll a little bit on their feed, the first thing you will see is how happy everyone is and all the fun they have. I recommend you ideo if you want to learn a lot and also have fun.

12. Digitas

This global marketing and technology agency is communicating through Instagram about what they see, think and learn on their journey. The Cannes Festival, conferences or just a simple day from the agency life are just a few things you will see it on their feed. Also, you can see a serial of the short interview from Cannes. So check it out!

13. AKQA

If you want to look at some fine, well-designed visuals with some great shots you should check out AKQA. Why? Because in their almost 400 posts you will definitely find some inspiration for your next work.

14. Leo Burnett

They are describing their Instagram feed as /work /space /people and I truly like this. You will see some of the real Leo Burnett’s photography, projects shots and sometimes a vampire will pop-up.

15. BBH London

Bartle Bogle Hegarty is one of the world’s most famous creative advertising agencies. Their Instagram feed is more about their work and projects. Also, you will find some creative ideas that will help you with your next project.

16. ustwo

Here is a very colorful and fun feed. Ustwo is a digital production studio that share their creative ideas and projects with the Instagram community. The tone is friendly and sometimes maybe too courageous.

17. ilovedust

If you are a designer, illustrator, photographer or you are just  looking for a very creative Instagram feed that is far away from cats, parties and coffees, then this is the account you should follow. This Award winning design studio is sharing their work with their 28.6k followers.

18. WolffOlins

As Wally Olins, the co-founder of Wolff Olins said, “Brand is the idea that you stand for, made real by what you do.” You can see this quote in their Instagram feed in almost every photo or video.

19. TBWA

TBWA celebrate their victories, inspire their community with their quotes and take that selfie that every Instagram account should take at least once. Also, this Instagram account is a peek inside the 323 offices that makes up one of the top 10 advertising agencies globally through.

20. Vallee Duhamel

The Vallée Duhamel studio creates images and videos for a wide range of clients. From events to commercial, music, fashion, posters, magazines and objects, they do all of them. If you are interested in more about visual work, just follow them and give some double love (Instagram-like).

21. Blue Fountain Media

“I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…I have a blue house with a blue window. Blue is the colour of all that I wear. Blue are the streets and all the trees are too. I have an Instagram and it is so blue.” I’m not sure, but I think that Blue Fountain Media loves a lot the color blue. You can also see them doing what they love on #bfmlife.

22. Goodby Silverstein & Partners

The GS&P Instagram account will show you all the fun employees have. They celebrate the people, pets and every event happening at the agency. Lot’s of smiley selfies, colorful projects and sometimes melancholic memories.

23. 180la

180la is giving their employee full autonomy over their Instagram account so they can post on their behalf. And it’s about the 180la agency life, funny moment, relaxing days and sometimes hard work or celebrating victories.

24. Havas Worldwide Chicago

Havas Worldwide Chicago uses their Instagram account differently from their other social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter because they see the importance of high-quality images. Moreover, they see the importance of the community and their beliefs.

25. Grey Advertising

Grey is connecting with their Instagram fans by giving credit to one person from their NY office to take over the Instagram account and share what inspires them. They have amazing content and you could definitely find some inspiration on their account.

26. Wieden+Kennedy

W+K are having some very funny rules on their Instagram account. Don’t act big. No sharp stuff. Follow directions and shut up when someone is talking…or typing?:) W+K is one of the oldest advertising agency that is doing some funny stuff on their Instagram account.

27. Red Antler

Building brands for startups and having so much fun by doing it. This description fits perfectly on their bio. They have a lot of fun at their agency and also, a lot of happy faces (even if are pets or humans).

28. carrot creative

Carrot Creative tries to reflect its culture, people and projects they are working on. And guess what, sometimes you will see a bunny jumping from a couch to another just for the sake of the brand…I mean, a carrot!

29. ddb worldwide

The Instagram feed from DDB Worldwide is promoting their world wide news by giving an importance for their history and philosophy of DDB. They have a nice weekly project called, “Any Wednesday” where they post an excerpt from chairman emeritus Keith Reinhard.

30. Omelet

They are weird, silly but most of the time, they really love working with each other. You can see this in their photos and videos they share on their Instagram account.

31. The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency started a tattoo series photos with the hashtag #martintattuesday where they show to the Instagram community their employee’s tattoos and the stories behind them. Also, they encourage their employee to share their life at the agency with the #martindoes hashtag. What can I say? It’s a real life culture over there.

32. Vaynermedia

The last but not the least, here comes the Vaynermedia agency. Here, the employee shows their love for this social media agency, wine and sometimes for great food.

Now back to you, let us in comment about other agencies to follow on Instagram!

Robert Katai
Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.


  1. Awesome post about top creative agencies. Its so much informative for the followers. I like the way you describe this post. Its really helpful for the users of this site.

  2. You have shared the wonderful list. It tell us about the topmost agencies.

  3. I follow IMG, Elite, AGModels_official and a few others on instagram

  4. As a traditional Graphic Designer, I look to studio’s such as JTB as an inspirational resource for all things digital! Check it out guys!

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