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Creatopy Ranked 12 in the Top 100 Most Admired Employers in Romania

2 minutes read

Our company ranked 12th in the Top 100 most admired employers in Romania, conducted by the employer evaluation platform Since the majority of our team is Romania-based, this is a cause for celebration.

Why is this an exciting thing for us? Here are some reasons off the top of our heads:

The Top 100 Most Admired Employees in Romania, now in its sixth edition, was conducted between November 16th, 2020, and November 15th, 2021. The opinions of over 100,000 users of the platform were considered in establishing the 100 companies in this ranking. 

The ranking was compiled based on an index obtained from the average ratings given to employers by employees (or former employees) and the number of reviews registered on the platform. The evaluation was based on criteria such as advancement opportunities, salary package, management, free time versus office time, procedures, and company values.

“We are honored to be in the Top 100 most admired employers in Romania because our employees are the ones who propelled us there. Their reviews attest that we are on the right track to building an extraordinary company”. 

Gabriel Ciordaș, CEO & Founder of Creatopy

Making it to 12th place on such a prestigious list of admired employers is only the beginning of the great things that await us, and we couldn’t be more grateful! 


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