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How to Make a Photo Collage in 2023: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Make A Photo Collage
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No one can argue with the power of visual content. It can express emotion and tell a story without needing any other words. 

Imagine how much more you’re able to capture by creating a photo collage. Your brand’s unique story or personal memories take a creative shape when you bring visuals together.

Whether you want to present your products or services in a unique way or do something different for your social media profiles, photo collages are the answer. 

Now I’m going to show you how to create and customize these types of designs in Creatopy, in just a few simple steps. 

How to Make a Photo Collage with Creatopy

All the tools you need to create a collage are in Creatopy, so keep reading to learn how to make photo collages that your audience will love.

1. Choose a photo collage template

After you log into your account (or create one), go to Start creating, type in “photo collage”, and click on this size. 

After you do that, you’ll see all the templates that are available for photo collages.

The templates are divided into a few categories so you can browse through them to find a template that suits your industry and needs. Or you can simply scroll down until you find a photo collage template you like and then click on it to go to the editor.

Keep in mind that you can replace all the images from a template, so if you like one that’s not designed for your industry, you can use it anyway and personalize it to your liking.

2. Upload your own photos

Once you’ve picked your favorite template, it’s time to add your personal touch by uploading your photos. 

To do that, just select the image you want to replace, click the Settings icon, and then on Replace from My Computer.

Additionally, you can choose photos from our stock gallery and use the drag and drop option to add the images you like in the photo collage.

You can replace every photo from any template and personalize it to create a unique visual while keeping the format and grid style. 

3. Edit the text, add a background, filters, or other graphic elements

Now it’s time to really dig in and make good use of Creatopy’s features. 

The templates come with their own text, so feel free to change it. You can not only edit the text, but you can also change the font, the size, or its color. 

In case you want to change the aesthetic of your photo collage, you can add a background, play with filters, or the opacity and blur levels.

You can get even more creative by adding different design elements, such as geometric shapes, lines, icons, or illustrations, all of which you can find in the Elements section.  

Last but not least, feel free to delete images from the collage and replace them with clipping masks to make it stand out even more. Choose a mask that fits your photo collage theme and then just upload an image from your computer or use one from our stock gallery.

4. Download the photo collage

After you added the finishing touches and your photo collage is ready, it’s time to download it in JPG or PNG format. You can always come back, make changes, and re-export your design.

Remember that you can create your collage from scratch and get creative when it comes to all the features you have at your disposal. 

Now that you know how to make a collage of photos let’s see a few ways to use them along with inspiring templates to start from.

10 Creative photo collage ideas to use in 2023

1. Share recipes

A photo collage with tasty looking meals can be the first step towards getting more traffic to your website. Follow the steps above on how to make a photo collage, then share it on your social media profiles, and make your audience drool.

2. Show the details

Because you have so much freedom of creativity in designing your photo collage, you can use the space it offers, and show the essential information for a product or service you’re advertising. Feel free to insert close-ups, just as in the following example:

3. Feature lifestyle content 

With lifestyle content, you can get the best out of a photo collage. Mix and match clothes’ colors with other surroundings to create stunning designs and get all the eyes on your blog. Now you know how to make photo collages effortlessly, so it’s going to be smooth sailing.

Below you can find a photo collage template that looks like it’s taken straight out of a fashion magazine. And it’s ready for you to use right away.

4. Promote holiday destinations

A photo collage is extremely versatile, and it can find its way in every industry. So, naturally, you can use it to promote dreamy holiday destinations in an eye-catching manner.

5. Showcase your coffee shop/restaurant/bar

A warm, cozy place deserves a visual that sends the same vibe, and you can get this result just by creating a photo collage, where you can incorporate a few different snippets that show the atmosphere of your diner, bar, or cafeteria.

6. Make an announcement

If you need an eye-catching announcement visual, but you’re in a rush and don’t have too much time on your hands, then you can learn how to create a photo collage, add the text with all the necessary details, and your problem is solved. Just click on the template below to get started.

7. Present fitness gear

Motivate your audience to come and join the gym or simply become more active on a day to day basis by adding compelling visuals that motivate people to work out more.

8. Promote job openings 

To catch your target audience’s attention regarding a job opening in your company, create a photo collage by highlighting the best moments that define your business’s values. Add bold text that focuses on the open position, and you’ve got yourself a compelling visual.

9. Encourage pet adoptions

The shelters that provide a home for our furry friends don’t have enough money to invest in creating ads, so a photo collage created for free in a design tool like Creatopy can help boost their reach. Moreover, it will help people take notice of any adoption announcements.

10. Collage your memories

Last, but certainly not least, you can create a photo collage with all the precious moments you choose to put together. This way, you’ll have a visual reminder of the most beautiful times in your life.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s making creative personal collages or photo grids for work, with our intuitive visual production platform, your creativity has no limits because you have the chance to craft stunning visuals.

You don’t need any design experience, because once you learn how to make a picture collage with Creatopy, every design will tell its own story, allowing others to get to know your brand a little bit better.

I hope you get to try out this nifty method of creating appealing visuals. Let us know how that works out for you. 

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