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Get Your Inspiration Back With 21 Invitation Design Ideas & Templates

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Did you know that Creatopy can now be used as an invitation maker as well?

For those of you who are well-acquainted with the tool’s features for creating online banners, you should know that you can now design your marketing materials for print as well.

Today, I’ve decided to give you some inspiration when it comes to creating online invitations for different occasions. I’ll show you 21 beautifully designed invitation templates that will most certainly get your creative juices flowing.

Embrace a seasonal tone

When you are designing an invitation for a seasonal event, nothing works better than a collage made out of images specific to that particular season.

The images will add more than color to it – a plus of personality. Here’s an example of an invitation template that you can use for a Thanksgiving event.

At the same time, you can create invitations for Thanksgiving based on specific seasonal illustrations and a good pairing of colors and hues to help you deliver the message like you can see in the following example.

Or, you can use typography in your design. A good example is this template for a Halloween party invitation.

Use the power of white space

More text is not always a good option when you want to deliver a clear message and make your invitation understood quickly. What’s more, is that sometimes you don’t want to leave anything to the person’s imagination.

If you are dealing with the task of creating online invitations for real estate events, then the following template will definitely come in handy.

A simple illustration, plenty of white space, and a message that stands out is precisely what you need.

If you want to expand on the previous idea, you can pair white space with a beautiful stock photo and create contrast between different sections of your copy.

Design the wedding invitation of your dreams

One of the most popular types of invitations are those for weddings.

When it comes to DIY wedding invitations, the popularity increases even more. You can start creating them online right in Creatopy. As a starting point, I suggest the following save the date invitation design template.

You can create wedding invitations similar to the design above by choosing an illustration that represents you and your partner, a stock image, a personalized font, and a lot of white space.

All of these elements, combined together, will ultimately give that stylish look you long for when it comes to invitation design.

Go for a colorful background

You should try to match the invitation colors with the ones you’re going to choose for your event. A good example is the following invitation template for a place where you can see beautiful plants. 

The background is suitable for the event, and, at the same time, it’s colorful enough to attract attention. However, because the text is placed right in the middle, that’s where your eyes will look at first, and it’s definitely a good thing. 

Embrace simplicity

A birthday invitation card can be in line with your personality, and it can be as elaborate as you want it to be. However, sometimes, even the most straightforward design can transmit a powerful message, and, as you will see in the next invitation template, it truly does.

Choose the right pattern

Events don’t necessarily have to be related to holidays, weddings, or birthdays. A regular family gathering can be announced through a design that incorporates patterns that go hand in hand with the event’s schedule.

The following example shows exactly what I mean by this. This option fits the event perfectly and, the moment you take a quick look at the bbq invitation template, you will understand why.

The next party invitation is similar to the previous one.

While the theme differs, there is still a pattern being used in this one, as well. In just a few words, this invitation manages to attract the attention of the target audience.

Pair the three essentials

When it comes to design, three essential elements can make a difference: graphics, colors, and typography.

The following wedding invitation card template successfully combines these three elements. It also features an excellent choice for the background color.

The design patterns are paired with beautiful typography that catches the eye of the viewer and transmits the message instantly and with elegance.

Here’s another similar example.

In this one, we have a party invitation template instead of a wedding invitation. It has a more casual style, but the message is delivered in the same way via a mix of the three essential elements mentioned above.

Bring your design to life

A great birthday invitation card design should be based on a visual that gives the audience an idea into the event’s atmosphere.

You can bring your invitation template to life through a series of well-chosen patterns and illustrations that will tell the same story as your call to action does.

Here’s an example that will help you get an idea about what I mean by this.

You can see this invitation design is for a birthday party. At the same time, the illustrations are specific to an event of these sorts and communicate the same thing as the text.

Pretty easy and pretty smart. It’s a design that’s extremely easy to customize but with a powerful and direct impact on the viewer.

Separate the text from the illustrations

You can divide your invitation into two parts: one for the message and one for the visuals. The next baby shower invitation template will show precisely how to do this and at the same time, why this is an option.

As you can see, the invitation is divided into two parts, one reserved for the text and one reserved for the illustrations.

This way, the viewer can view the message clearly, by looking directly at the invitation. The important thing is to make these two messages speak in the same way so that there aren’t any discrepancies between one another.

Go traditional

Traditional looking invitations are always the right choice, especially when you invite people to an event, such as a wedding.

The following example of a wedding invitation template combines a traditional pattern with straightforward typography. It’s easy to overlook such designs, but nevertheless, they can be quite useful in delivering your message.        

If you are not satisfied with only one example, here’s the good news.

There are multiple templates available in Creatopy for traditional wedding invitation templates. Here’s another one that can help you get started immediately.

Try vintage or classical design

Even if you are planning to design a digital invitation, you can always choose to go the traditional way.

What do you need? Well, besides traditional typography and traditional setup of the chosen typography, you need to select a classical shade or color for the background, and you are done.

Here’s an example of a standard template you can find in Creatopy.

Furthermore, you can go full traditional without worrying about the background whatsoever. Choose a font, a border, and a call to action to attract attention to your invitation.

The following example is easy to follow as the text comes naturally for a wedding invitation.

Contrast your way to success

Designs can always be enhanced through the use of contrasts, especially when you go for a good and readable contrast between a background and a text.

Dark backgrounds and a white font can deliver a quick and compelling message. Just take a look at the following example. Although the text comes in two colors (white and hold), it makes it even easier to be noticed.

Catch the viewer’s attention

You can easily attract someone’s attention and make your invitation design effective by using not only contrasts but also colors that cannot be ignored.

A good example, in this case, is the color pink, which, paired with a sizeable and readable font, can work wonders when it comes to invitations or any other materials that you want to make more playful.

Here’s an example of a summer party invitation template.

The same advice applies to the following template, which uses contrasting hues for the fonts as well.


If you are looking for an online invitation maker, Creatopy can definitely be the right tool for you.

It is easy to use and master; it delivers professional results, and it is an affordable option compared to other professional design tools. The above templates will help you get started and find some inspiration if you need it. They are all available in Creatopy and easy to personalize.

Have fun, get inspired, and start designing the invitations you need for your business.

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