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For some people branding means a logo on a business card, the attitude of an employee, a service that distinguishes the company or simply a company’s lifestyle (I’m not talking about personal branding, I don’t believe in that). But for me, branding means development. 

That part of a company that helps you grow, evolve, get to the next level. I’ve often heard the expression “It’s not the same anymore” or “Ahh…things have changed”. I think about my friends who got married, people around me who have started to evolve, to get to the next level by taking another step, a new decision to make a change. Things change. If they didn’t, people wouldn’t grow either.

Display advertising is not the same anymore…Coca Cola’s not the same… Your city is not the same… The world is not the same… I’m not the same…the wages are not the same. This is due to developments that led to these changes. And these changes sometimes lead to positive outcomes, and sometimes to negative ones.

If the need for change didn’t exist, branding wouldn’t exist either. In fact, branding is the one that helps a product, a service, a brand in making a change, while also helping its sustainability and constant communication.

I admire the people who work in pure branding. People who are constantly searching for development. Who surpass themselves everyday because they want to evolve, who want to be ahead of a trend, understand it, consume it and then implement it. Just think about it! Before a trend is born, someone already knew about it, analyzed it and studied it enough to implement it.

If Instagram hadn’t wanted development, it wouldn’t have over 300 million monthly users today. If Facebook hadn’t wanted development, it would’ve become a simple social network for Harvard students. If Apple hadn’t wanted development, maybe Steve Jobs would’ve lived in a garage somewhere.

Our purpose at Creatopy is to make the banner design better, faster and more beautiful, because we believe every day more and more in this type of digital advertising. Just stay tuned and wait for it, because we will bring you the next trends in display advertising and banner creation.

My hope is that brand managers (and not just them) will realize that development depends on them and furthermore…if they bump into “it’s not the same anymore” they can answer with “yes, but look what it’s become!

Robert Katai
Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.

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