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We’re Finally Launching A New Podcast – The Drag & Drop Show

The Drag and Drop Podcast by Bannersnack
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It’s finally happening! We are launching our second podcast. Our first attempt was a one-man show in which we discussed the life of influential people working in design and advertising.

The idea, however, came back to life after three years.

Maybe now is the right time to launch a new podcast—a different one, a better one.

Creatopy is now launching the Drag & Drop Show

The Drag & Drop Show aims to inspire both creatives and critical thinkers working in various industries to make the right moves and achieve their goals.

Every other Wednesday, we’ll be putting out a new podcast episode featuring real stories, from real people that have one thing in common: they are all on top of their game.

From art, design, and creativity to tested and tried strategies, business advice, and actionable ideas, all the topics discussed in the show are chosen to inspire. We are aware of how diverse our audience is, therefore we focused on producing something for everyone. 

The Story Behind The Drag & Drop Show

With this podcast series, we wanted to give our community the chance of being part of the story, as we all face similar challenges and have similar goals.

The name of the podcast comes from one of the Creatopy’s essential features, which allows users to drag and drop elements into the design editor.

The host of this season is John Biggs. John is a writer, consultant, and former Editor for TechCrunch

The Drag & Drop Show: Season 1

We believe that whenever success stories are shared, you simply have to be in the same room.

Creatopy has been around for the last 11 years, and while we grew as a company, our clients did too. We own most of our success to them, as they have constantly provided us with the very much needed feedback to improve our product and achieve more.

For season one, we chose to interview members of our community and speak about their journeys. We were curious to learn about both their struggles and glory moments and hear their advice on increasing productivity, staying profitable and scaling efficiently.

We also asked about how they use Creatopy and its more advanced features to improve their workflow.

Did we pique your interest?

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