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Tumblr Image Sizes Guide (2021)

Tumblr Social Media Image Size
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Before there was WordPress, Medium or any other blogging platform, Tumblr was the way to micro-blog your ideas. Tumblr allows you to express yourself, upload photos and videos and engage with other people that share your interests.

Visual Recommended Size
Profile photo 128 x 128 px (1:1)
Feed display photo 1280 x 1920 px
Banner 3000 x 1055 px

Tumblr avatar size

Tumblr’s profile picture, also known as “avatar”, should be 128 pixels x 128 pixels and will be displayed as a square image.

Make sure to use the correct Tumblr photo dimensions because your avatar will also appear when you post something.

Tumblr banner size

Think about the Tumblr banner as a hero image for your blog. Having a cool Tumblr banner will make it easier for you to have people follow your page. The Tumblr banner is displayed as a 3000 pixels x 1055 pixels image for desktop and 640 pixels x 360 pixels on mobile.

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