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What is display in graphic design

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Definition of Display in Graphic Design

In graphic design, “display” refers to a category of typefaces specifically designed for use in larger sizes, typically for headings, titles, signage, and other prominent design elements. Display typefaces are often decorative, expressive, and intended to make a strong visual impact.


Display typefaces are chosen for their ability to command attention and convey a particular mood or aesthetic in design projects. They are often used sparingly and in conjunction with more legible text fonts to create hierarchy and visual contrast.

Related Terms

  • Typeface: A set of one or more fonts sharing common design characteristics, including display typefaces designed for larger sizes and text typefaces designed for smaller sizes and extended reading.
  • Font: A specific variation or style within a typeface family, such as regular, bold, italic, or condensed.
  • Serif: Small decorative strokes or lines added to the ends of characters in certain typefaces, influencing the overall appearance and style of display typefaces.
  • Sans-serif: Typefaces that lack serifs and typically have clean, modern lines, suitable for contemporary display typography.
  • Typography: The art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and visually appealing, encompassing font selection, spacing, and layout.

Related questions about display

  • What distinguishes display typefaces from text typefaces?
    Display typefaces are specifically designed for use in larger sizes, often featuring decorative or expressive designs, while text typefaces are optimized for readability at smaller sizes in body text.
  • When should designers choose a display typeface for a design project?
    Designers may choose display typefaces for headings, titles, logos, signage, and other prominent design elements where a strong visual impact and expressive typography are desired.
  • What factors should designers consider when pairing display typefaces with text typefaces?
    Designers should consider the contrast in style, weight, and proportion between display and text typefaces to ensure visual harmony and readability in the overall design composition.
  • Are there any considerations when using display typefaces for digital design projects?
    Designers should consider legibility on screen and ensure that display typefaces are optimized for various screen sizes and resolutions, especially for web design and digital interfaces.
  • How can designers use color, texture, and layout to enhance the impact of display typefaces?
    Designers can experiment with color combinations, background textures, and creative layout techniques to complement and amplify the expressive qualities of display typefaces in design compositions.


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