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Online proofing and creative approval software

Simplify your creative approval workflow by keeping all your design needs under one single platform. Create, collaborate, review, and approve all your designs using our online proofing tool.

The only design tool with an online proofing system for communicators and teams

Forget about using complicated design tools or outdated review and approval software. Get clear feedback and approval on all your designs without dealing with endless email chains.

Online proofing tool for graphic designers and marketers

Share ideas or final designs with your clients

Whether you need feedback on an initial idea or approval on your final design, you can easily share your work with anyone by sending your collaborators or clients a branded share link. Build on the feedback you receive and adjust it until you have your final design.

share your work with anyone

Design agency workflow and proofing software

Create an organized and streamlined workflow for your agency by implementing online proofing for designers. Deliver production-ready designs in record time and export them in various formats for online and offline use.

Design agency workflow and proofing software

A complete design collaboration tool

Transform the way your team collaborates on creative design projects by using a powerful platform that allows your team members to be more productive.

  • Create

    Whether you want to create a design from scratch or start with one of our professional templates, our intuitive creative collaboration platform delivers a well-crafted experience for teams that require powerful features and flexibility.

  • Collaborate

    Increase your team’s productivity by easily collaborating on designs. Team members can access each other’s designs, leave feedback, and make the necessary changes, which speeds up the entire workflow.

  • Deliver

    Share your final draft with your team or clients. Build on the feedback you receive and adjust it until you have the final design. Deliver designs ready to be published in record time and export them in various formats for online and offline use.

What is online proofing?

Online proofing is the process that helps teams streamline their creative projects by simplifying collaboration and cutting time on content review and approval. An online proofing software brings your team members together and keeps everyone on the same page. It's ideal for companies that want to keep track of their creative work and improve team communication.

Why should I use a digital proofing software?
Digital proofing software can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This means that the approval process can be significantly reduced, which will increase team productivity overall. Moreover, online proofing facilitates a collaborative work culture where ideas and creativity come together. In the end, everyone will work smarter towards achieving goals.

Digital proofing software