Creative management platform

Our creative management and collaboration platform helps marketing and design teams collaborate on any design project. We offer all the necessary tools to streamline and improve your creative workflow, boosting your ad production and efficiency to the maximum.

creative management platform

Create, manage, and scale

Creatopy is an ad creation tool that helps you make visually-stunning designs and animations for marketing and advertising purposes. You can create individual ads or generate more than 20 different sizes at once using our Banner Generator.

creative banner generator

Creative collaboration

Increase your team's productivity by working together. Our creative collaboration platform allows multiple users to collaborate on any design project. Team members can easily access each other’s creatives and make the necessary changes, thus speeding up the entire team’s creative workflow.

creative collaboration software and platform

Design feedback

Share your final work with your team or clients through our creative management platform. Get feedback and adjust on the go until you get to the desired result. Deliver production-ready creatives in record time and export them in any of the most popular media formats used in digital advertising.

Creative approval system and design feedback

Why use a creative management platform?

Using a CMP will increase your productivity and streamline your creative workflow. Keep your ad production under full control, regardless of the scale of your design project.

Ad management platform

Create and manage all your digital creatives in one place. Our tool simplifies collaboration and creative approvals.

Banner generator

Generate multiple static or animated HTML5 banners. An efficient solution that lets you build all your banners at once.

Multiple team members

Our creative collaboration platform allows you to add multiple team members streamlining your creative workflow.

Branded share link

Use your own domain and logo when asking for a creative review. This solution keeps your clients loyal to your business.

Creative workflow management

Copy & edit banners made by other team members, save them as templates, and collaborate using a shared library.

Stay organized

Organize your work in folders and projects. Mark your progress with status labels and comments.

Creative management software made for teams

Manage all your marketing creatives using the best design collaboration tool. Improve your creative workflow by bringing all your designers on the same platform.