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Organize at scale

Creatopy helps you take full control of your design processes and keep everything tidy and organized.


Manage teams and groups

In Creatopy, it’s easy to create multiple teams in the same account and make as many groups as you want. Manage groups for every department, depending on your creative needs.

work as a team

Clear workflow overview

See various details for each of your projects, such as the number of designs created in our banner making tool, members added, and assigned brand kits. Switch between grid and list view, and get the information you need with ease.

create at scale

Achieve more with less effort

Creatopy features a simple and fluid design flow to help you become more productive. Land in the editing area in just a few clicks and finish your creatives in a flash.


Unique features to boost your team's efficiency

Creatopy empowers you to create streamlined workflows and keep track of each project, regardless of how many people you have on your team.

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    Folder system

    Keep all your revisions and projects in one place and label them as you wish in folder systems. Make edits easily and keep your design content organized.

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    Responsive dashboard

    Find all your custom-made templates and sizes in your main dashboard. Start designing as soon as you log in and save time with fewer clicks.

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    Shortened workflows

    Share designs with internal and external teams by simply using a share link. No need for extra steps, such as downloading and emailing the files.

how it works

Say hello to projects kept in good order

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    Create your dream project

    Add project name and a short description to help distinguish it from others.

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    Decide who is on the team

    Invite your colleagues to join you and assign roles according to their involvement.

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    Assign brand kit

    Choose your brand kit and make sure each design fits within your brand guidelines.

  • 4

    Check your dashboard

    Your dashboard will show the designs created within your newest project.

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