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Design greeting cards effortlessly

Create and send a custom heartwarming greeting card to a loved one by using our online card maker. No design skills necessary.

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Why choose Creatopy

Branded review experience

Always maintain an impeccable presence when sharing your work with your clients. Brand the share links of your designs or folders with your company name and favicon. Brand email notifications, too.

Typography presets

Skip the font pairing dilemma and easily convey a high impact message in your ad visuals using the preset texts in Creatopy. Conversely, you can create your own web fonts combo or upload your custom fonts and save them in a brand kit for further use.

PDF export

Have your fonts, images and graphics preserved accurately by downloading your ad as a PDF file. Select the Print preset for high quality, print ready files or go for the Standard preset if you plan on using your design online.

easy steps

How to make a greeting card

You have a great idea for your design. Now you just need to implement all of those great ideas onto your eCard design. Follow the instructions below to make beautiful greeting cards for special occasions.

  • 1

    Choose an eCard template

    We have lots of templates for you to choose from that will surely fit your needs. But if you're really feeling like it, then you can also create a greeting card design from scratch.

  • 2

    Add a personal image

    Your greeting card design is your artwork. You can change any image on your design with one of your own personal images, or you can choose one of our 2M+ stock photos.

  • 3

    Write your own message

    Cards are meant to be personal. You can easily add that touch and warmth by editing the message on the card, so you can express your true feelings.

  • 4

    Download and send

    Now all that's left for you is to download and send your design. Download your eCard as a JPG or PNG file, then send it to your loved ones.

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Use one of our many greeting card templates

In our free card maker app, you'll find tons of greeting card templates to fit any situation. We have birthday, Christmas, greeting, holiday, wedding, thank you cards, and more. You can use any of the greeting card templates down below, or you can be inspired by them and create your own custom card design from scratch! Our online greeting card maker is easy-to-use and beginner friendly.

free birthday greeting cards

Design funny and custom birthday cards

Our free online card maker app gives you the freedom to edit birthday card designs to your liking. You can choose a template, then you can personalize it any way you want until you're happy with the final result. Now’s the time to make free birthday greeting cards for your loved ones.

free birthday greeting cards
create prettier greetings

Create family holiday greeting cards

Not only do we have lots of free eCards for birthdays, but we also have loads of free holiday templates. Try creating a family Christmas greeting card to send to friends and family. By using our online card maker, you can create prettier greetings than the ones you can find in stores.

family holiday greeting cards
create your own

Create Save The Date cards for your special ocassions!

We have a range of free online cards that you can use for meaningful family moments. Choose from our templates perfect for graduations, weddings, birthday parties, or any other family event. In just a few minutes, create custom save the date cards to let relatives and friends know about your upcoming family celebrations.


Create special and personalized greeting cards easily

With our greeting card maker, it's very easy to create personal eCards for all your friends and family. You don't need design experience to create fun and professional designs. Use Creatopy to create amazing, free greeting cards to send to all your loved ones.