Design carousel ads that stand out

Showcase your best products or services in a more engaging way and boost sales with Creatopy's carousel ads.

Our all-in-one platform offers intuitive and easy tools to design creative carousel ads that stand out from the crowd. Impress your audience on any social media platform.

Create Impressive Carousel Ads
easy steps

How to create carousel ads

Learn how to create carousel ads in just a few steps. Keep in mind that there is no need for designing skills whatsoever to impress your main audience.

  • 1

    Choose a template

    Use one of our carousel ad templates from our gallery or just start from scratch by using a custom size.

  • 2

    Upload your files

    Depending on the type of carousel ad you need, upload videos or images. Now just start editing them.

  • 3

    Add shapes and icons

    Create original content with our elements library and design eye-catching ads using illustrations and shapes.

  • 4

    Revise and download

    Finished? Download your ad in the desired format, slide by slide. Return at any time to edit and re-export.

simplify your work

Easy creative process for the best performances

At first glance, carousel ads look like any other social marketing deliverable for advertising purposes.

Although it is slightly true, they perform better and challenge audiences to engage. Creating carousel ads may seem difficult, but it's not, and you don't even need designer skills to build them.

Our carousel ads maker is very easy to use and the drag and drop tool simplifies your work, helping you focus more on the creative part.

carousel ads for social marketing
optimized for all platforms

All social platforms are eager to host your carousel ads

Show & tell could be the right description of how carousel ads work. Create them to highlight benefits, describe multiple features, and maybe even add some reviews to win trust and increase conversions.

With Creatopy, the interactive carousel ads are optimized for all social media platforms, so that your story appeals to emotions, and make people take action.

carousel ads for social platforms
Top Features

Features to improve carousel ads

Our online all-in-one creative platform has all the tools you need for your carousel ads to meet your needs. Check out these awesome features that guarantee a creative output.


Optimized formats

There are plenty of carousel ad formats to choose from. Select up to ten images and let your creativity glow. Your ads are optimized for any social media platform.


Import your files

Yes, you can. Import your images or videos or drag and drop them directly in the Editor. Customize them as you wish and you're done.


Video tool

Give your designs some movement with our video editing tool. Upload your footage and trim, snip, cut, edit—you name it. Impress your audience fast.


Shapes & icons

Personalize your carousel ads by accessing our elements library and adding shapes, icons, and illustrations for an original visual content.


Collaboration tool

Manage your work, send feedback, be organized, and let your team edit your carousel ads for an efficient workflow. Increase productivity.


Individual download

Select and export slides individually in formats such as JPG, PNG, or PDF. This will empower you to reuse the visuals based on your marketing goals.

start customizing

Looking for carousel ad examples?
We have them

You have access to our vast gallery of carousel ad templates in case you lack inspiration.

Just find the design ideas that match your requirements and start customizing them. Our templates are your starting point. Gain originality by adding elements such as shapes or icons.

You don't need to worry about carousel ads specs. We've got you covered as always.

carousel ads examples

Design professional carousel ads within minutes

Now that you learned how to create your own carousel ads within minutes, focus on what matters while our drag-and-drop carousel ad creator does all the rest. Take your marketing strategy to the next level and reach your goals and audience fast.