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Free Certificate Maker

By using our online certificate maker, you can create stunning certificate designs quickly and effortlessly. The interface is extremely intuitive, so it's easy to design a professional-looking certificate!.

mockup of custom certificate designs

How to create a certificate

Creating a certificate is easy with Creatopy because we have everything you need. Start with a background, choose a font preset from our editor, add text to your certificate, add some elements, edit the colors, and you'll be done in no time.

  • 1

    Create an account

    Sign up to have access to professional certificate designs and templates, or make your own from scratch. Think of it as your own free online certificate maker.

  • 2

    Choose a template

    After you've created your account, select the Certificate size and choose a certificate template from our gallery. All of our templates are amazing, so it might be hard to choose only one.

  • 3

    Edit your design

    It's time to get in touch with your creative side. To create a custom design for your certificate, just edit the text, colors, and elements. You'll have a custom certificate in just minutes.

  • 4

    Download it as a PDF

    Once you're done editing, it's time to download the certificate to your computer. All your edits are automatically saved, so you only need toit as a PDF. It’s that simple.

A certificate maker that's easy to use

You can design certificates in a matter of minutes that your awardees will be proud to receive. It's easy to create diplomas with our editor. Just think of Creatopy as your own personal certificate maker!

Personalize your certificate easily

Because each template is editable, you can make it relevant to your event and personal for your awardee. You can edit everything about the template. Edit the text, change the size of the elements, add a photo, change the background, or do anything you want to your custom certificate!

Personalize your certificate easily

Get inspired by these certificate examples

If you feel like you're lacking the inspiration you need to design a new certificate, have a look at these design samples and examples our professional designers created. Once you've found a template you like, head over to our editor and start making the best certificate ever.

Make an amazing certificate

You don't need years of experience in graphic design to impress your colleagues with an amazing, professional-looking certificate. Just use Creatopy to have your custom certificate ready in minutes, without needing to learn graphic design. We've got you covered.