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If you’re looking for a tool to help you design marketing header images or email banners for your newsletters or business emails, then Creatopy is perfect for you. A well-crafted header banner in your email can increase the chances of people interacting with your business.

Why choose Creatopy


HTML5 animations

No coding skills? No problem—you don’t need any to create amazing animated banners. Use the Magic Animator tool for super quick results, or take the process one step further and experience limitless customization using the Timeline feature.


Video editor

Boost views and engage with audiences using video ads. Experience the most intuitive video editing interface, which simplifies your ad creation process. Capture people's attention in the first few seconds of your video and include captions.


No onboarding necessary

Enable seamless collaboration between everyone on the creative team— including designers, marketers, and content creators with a tool that is easy to learn and use. No onboarding is necessary, just create an account and start creating.

easy steps

How to create email banners

  • 1

    Create the size you want

    Start by creating the email banner size you want to use in your email campaigns. Our editor is already equipped with plenty of preset sizes, so you can choose the one that fits best with your needs and start from there. There are many email banner sizes you can use, so you should go with the one you know works best for your business.

  • 2

    Choose a template or start with a blank canvas

    If you feel uninspired, don’t waste your time and choose a template as a starting point. Our library holds plenty of templates categorized by industries such as automotive, health, fashion, education, technology, sport, food, and more. A simple click on the template which best fits your desire, and you can start customizing it. If you already have all the visual elements for your email header banner and plenty of inspiration, you can start creating it on a blank canvas.

  • 3

    Have fun customizing your email header

    Whether you start with a template or a blank canvas, you can personalize your banner to make it more eye catching in just a few clicks. Since high-quality images are extremely important, Creatopy has got you covered with millions of stock images you can use for your email banners. Alternatively, you can upload your own photos. Don’t stop here and add more elements such as illustrations, icons, shapes, or logos to create the perfect graphic design. To bring more life to your banner and grab readers’ attention, you can add smooth animations to different elements.

  • 4

    Download your design

    Once you’re happy with your email design, you can download it. Small file sizes are best for email marketing banners, so download the header in JPG format or as an optimized GIF if you want your design to load fast even in the case of poor internet connection. You are now ready to insert it into your email and hit send.

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Design amazing email headers - Increase user engagement and CTRs

Studies show that 2 out of 3 email recipients prefer HTML emails over plain text. They should also contain more images rather than text. This is why having a perfect tool to create marketing visuals like a custom email header design or banners is important.

Building email banners in the editor

Start from an email or newsletter header template

We have lots of sample email banners to help you start. Select one of our designs, set the email header size you want and start editing.


Animate your newsletters with GIF email headers

Push the limits of your email design by adding animated GIF banners to create an engaging experience. GIFs work on any device and browser which means they are the ideal format if you want animations in your email templates.


Creatopy’s amazing features

Originally designed as a tool for creating display advertising banners, Creatopy can easily be used to create various other marketing visuals like newsletter headers, images for promotional emails and much more.



Use one of hundreds of templates as a starting point for your email visuals. Make small adjustments and save time.



Bring your visuals to life in just a few seconds with Creatopy’s Magic Animator feature.


Upload SVG

Upload custom assets in SVG format and use them in future designs to keep your branding consistent.


Image library

We have tons of stock images for you to use in your email designs. Choose the ones that best suit your style.


Upload fonts

Use your own fonts so you maintain a smooth and consistent user experience from email to website.


Animated GIF

Make your message pop out of the page with an animated GIF header image. Just keep the file size in mind!


What is the size of an email banner?

The width for an email banner can be anywhere from 600 px to 800 px. Before you decide on the width, it’s important to test the email to see how it's going to look in different email clients and devices. There are no restrictions when it comes to height, but if you want to keep it above the fold, then the height should be between 300 and 500 px.

How long should an email animated banner be?

Your animated email banner, also called a hero or a header, should be only a few seconds long and up to a maximum of 200-250 kb. Try to stick to these recommendations to make sure it will load even when someone has a poor internet connection. The header is the first thing a reader will see, so make those seconds meaningful.

What is the best font for email headers?

Among the most popular sans serif fonts you can use are Georgia, Verdana, Baskerville, Arial, Tahoma, Vollkorn, Trebuchet MS, Lato, Helvetica, Roboto, and Futura. When designing your email header, it is recommended to use sans-serif fonts, which are more suitable for the digital space. Sans-serif fonts don’t have a decorative line at the end of every symbol, making them readable on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Use Creatopy to create amazing visuals. It’s the perfect online tool not only for creating email banners, but also for banner ads and marketing visuals for social media channels.