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Creatopy is an intuitive drag and drop editor that helps you design a flyer in minutes. From flyers for corporate events, business promotions, product sales or any type of marketing campaign, we have got you covered.

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Browse flyer templates

Creatopy has available a wide collection of flyer templates to start from. Whether you are creating a flyer for a corporate event, business promotion or marketing campaign our editor allows you to customize your template with high quality images, illustrations, fonts or shapes to suite your business needs.

All in one Flyer Maker

All you need to create beautiful flyers that draw attention


Icons & illustrations

These types of elements are the secret ingredient that will make your flyer design stand out and add personality to it.


Font pairings

With the help of one of our font pairings, make your message more powerful, because typography is important in any design.


Easy collaborate with your team

In Creatopy, you can easily share your work with anyone or invite team members and collaborate with them in the app.


Create multiple sizes effortlessly

Thanks to the Resize feature, you can easily create different design sizes based on your flyer and use the content on different channels.


Stay on brand

Brand consistency is crucial nowadays and we make it easy to achieve that by giving your the posibility to upload your brand assets and use them in your flyer.


Export in print-ready format

We guarantee that your flyer design will look just as sharp on the digital screen as in print format when you download it as high-quality PDF.

easy steps

How to make flyers

Follow these 4 easy steps and you will create a flyer that has a smooth and complex design in no time.

  • 1

    Sign up or login

    Sign up for free or login with your Facebook or Google account in Creatopy to get started. Choose the preset size for your flyer design and start making your own amazing flyer for print or digital without worrying about sizes or scaling.

  • 2

    Use a template

    You can choose a flyer template from our gallery or start with a blank canvas. Our gallery features many professionally designed templates that will suit every need, from big industries to small family-owned businesses.

  • 3

    Customize your design

    Our user friendly interface lets you to customize your flyer design in minutes by adding your own logo, text, and graphic elements to match your product, services or event that you are hosting.

  • 4

    Download your work

    Export your designs in high-quality format so your design will look amazing on print, or you can save and download them as .PNG or .JPG for online use.

Beautifully designed assets

Our professional designers have created thousands of high quality elements for you to use when making a digital flyer, search our library for all the images and elements you need.

Design stunning flyers for print campaigns

With Creatopy, your flyers will look great on paper as they do on the screen. Mix high quality assets and export your work as PDF to get it ready for print.

Intuitive drag and drop editor

Our intuitive drag and drop tool helps you create beautiful leaflet designs in only a few clicks. Use our leaflet maker to ad assets on your canvas and create the right combination.


How can I make a flyer?

You can use a flyer maker like Creatopy. It’s the ideal graphic design tool for those who don’t have design experience yet want to create something that looks professional. Create your Creatopy account for free, select the flyer size, then choose a template from the gallery. Our templates are made so they can simplify your job and help you get things done more efficiently. You can customize them however you want, by changing the text, font, colors, images, or elements’ placement.

What is the size of a flyer?

These three sizes are used across the US and Canada. The small size is 5.5 by 8.5 inches (139.5 x 216 mm), and it’s usually used for non-folded flyers. The standard flyer size is 8.5 by 11 inches (216 x 279.5 mm) and can be folded in half, twice, or three times. The large size is 11 by 17 inches (279.5 x 432 mm). The following are used internationally, except for the US and Canada: DL (99 x 210 mm), A5 (148 by 210 mm), and A5 (210 by 297 mm).

Is everything customizable inside the flyer maker?

Yes, every single element is customizable in our online flyer maker. Whether you start with a template or from a blank canvas, you can personalize your design however you want. For example, you can play with the text by changing the font, color, placement, or size. Then, you can use a different background, which can be a solid color, a gradient, or an image, either from your computer or from our stock photos gallery. To personalize the design even more, you can add various elements, such as lines, arrows, shapes, icons, or illustrations. We have many great tools that can help you create posters, certificates, invitations and more. If you are interested in desigining other printed marketing materials, make sure to also check our brochure maker.

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