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GIF Maker - Easy to Use GIF Editor

Try Creatopy, the most powerful and easy-to-use online animated ad creator! Use our online GIF editor for ads that drive traffic and conversions.

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How to make a GIF

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    Start with “where”

    First, you need to determine where you’re going to use your design: in an email, display advertising, on your website, or on social media. This is going to help you move to the next step, which is choosing the size for your design.

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    Choose a size

    Now that you know where you want to use an animation, it’s time to choose the right size. Our online GIF editor gives you two options: you can choose from one of the preset sizes from the display or social category or you can create your own Gif using a custom size and start from there.

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    Start designing

    Next, you can pick one of our animated templates or create one from scratch. If you’re on a deadline, we have thousands of fully customizable animated templates to choose from.

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    Add elements

    Once you’ve picked a template, it’s time to add elements and text to your animation. It’s super-easy to create stunning animations without needing graphic designer skills. Images, videos, shapes, fonts, or CTA buttons—everything you need is on the platform. Choose from the existing elements available in our online GIF maker or drag and drop them from your computer onto the canvas.

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    Animate your design

    Once you have all the visual assets in place, it’s time to animate your design. Use the timeline to decide on the animation duration. Choose from our animation presets and effects the right movement for each element. Our animated GIF maker gives you the possibility to make an animation in one single click. Feeling bold? Build your own animations to create transitions that truly stand out.

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    Download the animated GIF

    Whenever you feel your design is ready to be shared with the world, you can download your animation as a GIF file or MP4 video. Our animated GIF editor allows you to download your work as a high-quality GIFs or the smallest size possible, compatible with Google Ads, and limited to 5 fps.

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Create GIFs for social media networks or any advertising platform

Display ad networks

Increase your visibility on ad networks with GIF ads optimized for use on Google's Display Network and more.

Website content GIF maker

Express yourself through animated GIFs. Create more engaging, visually appealing content for your readers.

Social Media GIF creator

Generate more engagement from your social posts by using a GIF animation instead of traditional static visuals.


Start with professional GIF templates

Enter our animated GIF Maker and choose from a wide collection of ready-made animation templates, customize them and download them as high-quality designs for websites and social media, or optimized GIFs for advertising platforms.

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Easy to use drag & drop GIF editor

Create amazing GIF animations with only a few clicks! Our Drag & Drop free GIF maker helps you build animations from scratch or use predefined animations and transitions. With our new GIF editor, you don't need designer skills to create beautiful animations. All you have to do is choose the elements and place them on your design, then use the timeline to animate them. Get creative and get your professional GIF images done in minutes!

Online GIF Editor
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Ready to use animations

One place for all the resources you'll ever need to create the best GIFs! Thousands of animation presets, effects and elements at your disposal. The new Magic Animator transforms your static design into a beautiful animation with the touch of a button! Let your GIF text, images, and CTAs pop, slide, flip or bounce, to make them unforgettable.

GIF Animations

Go premium to unlock all the features of Creatopy

Unlimited stock images

Thousands of quality stock photos you can animate your way!

Smooth animation effects

Animated GIFs with a single click! Try our preset animation effects.

High GIF compression

The smallest possible size for optimized load speed and faster ads!

Animated templates

In a hurry? Edit one of our animated templates and make them your own!

Mp4 video export

You can choose to export your animations as high definition GIF files or mp4 videos.

GIF Generator

Use our generator to create multiple sized animations at the same time.


What size should an animated GIF be?

Ideally, you want to keep the size of your animation under 1MB. The bigger the file size, the slower it’s going to load. When creating a design, you should keep in mind that a smaller-sized animation would work best for every type of website and internet connection. This means you may have to tweak and resize your animation's dimensions. Try not to tweak its colors, though and keep the highest setting, which is 256 colors. On the other hand, you can perform a lossy compression and reduce the GIF size without losing its quality.

What is the resolution of a GIF?

It’s best to try and keep your design's resolution no higher than 960 pixels wide. That’s because most GIF files are distributed through direct messaging or shared on social media platforms. Users check their social media accounts mostly on their phones, and thus the animation will appear on small screen sizes. A smaller resolution will increase your design's visibility, but you also want to make sure it loads fast.

How many colors can an animated GIF have?

It can display up to 256 colors. Similar to PNG-8, it supports 8‑bit color but also animations consisting of different frames. Each frame can have a different color palette, with 256 colors per frame. However, there are some workarounds that you can do to end up with an animation that has more than 256 colors.

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Use The Power Of Animations

Create powerful animations with only a few clicks and use them anywhere! Creatopy, our high quality GIF Maker allows you to create, edit and animate ads in any size. If videos are not an option for you, your second best choice would be animated designs.