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Free online leaflet maker

Create a beautiful leaflet design using Creatopy. Our editor makes it easy to design a flyer for various needs, so give it a try.

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How to make a leaflet

Let your inner artist out by using our editor to create the perfect leaflet, flyer, or brochure for your product and services. Add a photo, some text, change the colors, add elements, and you'll be done in the blink of an eye.

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    Pick a size

    There are a few different leaflet sizes, so make sure you use the size you want. A few common leaflet formats include A1 (1684x2384), A2 (1191x1684), A3 (842x1191), and A4 (595x842).

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    Choose a template

    Choose a leaflet template you like best from our beautiful collection of flyer templates. We have something that will suit everyone, from big industries to small family-owned businesses.

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    Edit your template

    Once you've chosen your pamphlet template, it's time to start editing the leaflet design. This is where you get in touch with your creative side and edit the colors, text, and elements to your design.

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    Download it as a PDF

    Now that you're done editing your design, it's time to download your masterpiece as a PDF file, so that you can print it out in the highest quality possible.

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Easy to use online editor

Creatopy is your go-to platform when you want to work smart. Our incredibly simple and easy to use editor helps you create the most beautiful brochure and leaflet designs to use for your industry. Think of Creatopy as your own personal leaflet maker.

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Create a beautiful brochure

Creatopy makes brochure design a breeze. No need to worry about originality because all of our templates are 100% customizable, so you can create a custom design every single time. Just tweak your favorite template here and there, and you'll be done in minutes.

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Use our leaflet templates

No idea how to make a leaflet from scratch? We’ve got you covered with a collection of beautiful leaflet templates for you to start from. All of them are 100% customizable, so you can edit the templates to your liking, while adding elements that really give it that personal touch that you're looking for.

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Create the perfect pamphlet

Everyone loves a great pamphlet design, but not everyone has the time to create one from scratch. Not to worry, because Creatopy has great pamphlet templates for you to start from. Just choose the one that suits your needs, customize it however you want, and you're done.

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Get inspired by these leaflet examples

Lacking inspiration for your newest leaflet design? Look over some of these eye catching flyer samples that we designed just for you and get inspired by them. It's time for you to create the best design for your business.


How do you make a leaflet?

The easiest way to do this is by using a leaflet maker like Creatopy. Our drag and drop graphic design tool has the option to create your own custom size for print, or you can choose one of the preset print sizes that fits your needs. On top of this, you have access to tons of templates that you can customize in just a few minutes. Create an account, choose the size, select a template, and start editing. It’s that easy to create a leaflet in our leaflet creator. 

What should be included in a business leaflet?

It should always include your brand’s name, logo, and contact information. Then, you have to make sure you’re using your brand’s colors so people can associate the leaflet with your company. Equally important is the use of relevant imagery that goes hand in hand with the design’s content. Don’t forget to write a headline that draws attention and makes people keep on reading. The benefits should be clearly stated in the design so that you can set yourself apart from the competition. In the end, include a call to action.     

How many types of leaflets are there?

There are seven types of leaflets. The A5 single sheet is the simplest one and an industry standard. The single fold is an A4 sheet with a fold down the middle and is ideal when you want to include more information. The concertina fold, also known as the zig-zag fold, has six sides you can use to add content. The cross fold is small, with multiple folds, similar to tube maps. The open gate fold has two sides that fold outwards. The closed gate fold open like a booklet style. The roll fold features six or eight panels.    


Create a leaflet

Stand out from the crowd with fantastic leaflet design ideas. By using Creatopy, you don't need years of experience in graphic design to have professional looking leaflets. Try it out now for free.