Attract more listings with real estate postcards

Do you want to establish yourself as a go-to real estate professional? Then you need to engage and capture the emotion of potential clients in your geographic farm through online media and personalized postcards. Manage all your creative needs with Creatopy.

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attract more listings

Create visuals that leave a lasting impression on prospects

Every sale starts with a great story and stories lead to emotions. What's more, is that the decision to purchase a home is essentially based on what people feel. Creatopy offers you everything you need to market your properties and attract more listing opportunities.

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Target local sellers

Reach more leads in your farm area online

Make your property and brand easily recognizable with creative and eye-catching digital content and ads showcasing a tour of the property you're selling. Target local sellers and buyers in your farming area and drive leads right to your inbox.

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Slick and professional design

Win more listings with Just Sold flyers

Don’t underestimate the power of real estate prospecting or Just Sold flyers and brochures in your farming area. Slick and professional design is fundamental for any campaign. Choose between thousands of professional templates and personalize them with actual images of your listing and the property's area.

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Top Features

Tell your real estate story with Creatopy

Designing real estate visuals for marketing campaigns is a piece of cake with Creatopy. You can easily upload your pictures of the properties, your brand’s logo, and brand colors to the platform.


Easy to use drag and drop editor

We make it easy for you to design any type of visuals in just a few clicks. With our editor, you can drag and drop text, images, buttons, or clip arts and create stunning designs in minutes.


Thousands of templates

Whenever you need some inspiration, just get started with one of our professional templates created by designers and optimized by marketers. Customize them in just a few clicks with your own information.


Animation presets

Start creating complex animations using HTML5 technology. The best thing about this feature is that you don't need any coding skills. Also, digital ads are compatible with all major networks.


Generate 30+ sizes at once

Thanks to the Design Set option, you can easily choose various sizes for the same design and generate them all at once. All this without altering the quality of your work. You can choose between a display ad size, Instagram story, postcard, or more.


A format for every need

Tell your story and explain the value you're offering to the buyers and sellers who need your expertise. On every important channel. Download your work as PDF, GIF, PNG, HTML5, MP4, and even AMP.


Stay on brand

Having consistent branded materials is extremely important for your credibility as a real estate professional. This is where Creatopy comes in handy because you can upload your own font, logo, and other elements you need for your visuals.

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Become the go-to professional realtor for the community

Every real estate professional has a story to tell. You only need the right tool that's going to help you complement your stories with attractive graphics. It’s time to start building your own branding.