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Simplify your design workflow by bringing everyone together in one single design tool. Share your work with specific individuals, your team, or people outside your organization with just one click. Give and receive feedback instantly. Drive efficiency in any team, no matter its scale.


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Experience a per-seat pricing plan that enables you to scale as you grow. Try before you buy using the 7 day free trial for any of the premium plans. Speed up the decision making process by having all stakeholders involved in your project as Viewers, at no cost whatsoever.


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Quickly incorporate your core values in powerful ad designs and maintain consistency across all social platforms. Get all your brand elements organized in a brand kit and ready for use right in your workspace. Adopt a single source of truth for your brand identity.

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How to make a slideshow

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    Sign up or login

    Signup or login in Creatopy dashboard for free to start creating your slideshow. Inside our free slideshow maker select the slideshow size to start designing.

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    Pick a template

    Choose one of our ready-to-use slideshow templates or start from scratch. Our picture slideshow maker has professional templates created by our designers and ready to be used for your needs. Also, you can always choose to start with a blank canvas and upload your own photos.

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    Customize your slideshow

    Customize your slideshow design using our drag and drop editor. Add stock photos and videos, illustrations, icons, shapes and colors. Our slideshow creator offers you the chance to insert audio for all the slideshow presentations.

  • 4

    Add smooth transitions

    A slideshow is nothing without adding smooth transitions between slides. Creatopy's online slideshow software has the Magic Animator feature that allows you to choose transitions such as bounce, hit, drop, alpha, and many more. You can choose to add the same transition to all the slides or have fun making the slideshow unpredictable by selecting different ones.

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    Download the slideshow

    Download your work in HTML5, video MP4 or GIF formats. Exporting your design to MP4 video format makes it easier for you to upload it on social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.

web sliders

Responsive HTML5 sliders

Create responsive image sliders and upload them on your website or blog. The HTML5 format makes your sliders responsive and adaptable to any device. Create intricate HTML5 slides by adding on-click actions to any element or slide.

Responsive HTML5 sliders
video slides

Video slideshows created online

Creating video slideshows has never been easier. After you are done animating all your slides, just download your work as MP4 and... that's it! Exporting your design to MP4 video format makes it easier for you to upload it on social platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.

Create Video Slideshow

Carousel sliders and slideshow templates

Creatopy offers ready made slideshow templates including HTML5 responsive carousel sliders. Simply upload your own pictures, add texts or new slides, and your designs are ready to be used on any website or blogs. Our slideshow examples are designed and created by professional designers.

carousel template examples


How long should a photo slideshow be?

To create an engaging image slideshow, try not to use too many images, so you avoid boring your audience. The key to a successful design is all about using compelling visuals. Also, people need a few seconds to look at an image. This means that you should allow 3-4 seconds per image, which will allow you to show 10 to 15 images per minute. Keep it short and simple.

How many photos should a slideshow have?

It depends on its purpose. Usually, it would be best if you left 3-4 seconds per image, which translates into 10 to 15 images per minute. Try not to make your presentation longer than 10-15 minutes to avoid losing your audience’s interest. This general rule of thumb allows you to include anywhere between 100 and 225 images per design, so choose them carefully to make people want to watch the entire presentation.

How do I make a good video slideshow?

A good video slideshow starts with a great template. You can create one yourself or use a tool that has slideshow templates ready to use. It’s important to use smooth transitions or effects that go well with the design's theme. Use high-quality images or videos, add elements like icons or shapes, and spice it up with the right background music.

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