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Create video ads online in minutes

Make your own advertising videos using our simple and intuitive all-in-one visual production platform. Attract new customers by creating stunning and engaging video ads. Simply create video ads from images, use your own footage, or stock videos and use them as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube ads.

How to make an advertisement video
using our online video ad maker

Creating a video ad has never been more seamless. Just sign up for a free trial, follow the instructions below, and in no time, you will have a video commercial ready to be published on any video advertising network.

  • 1

    Choose the right template

    Choose a custom size and start from scratch, or create your advertisement faster by using a video ad template from our gallery.

  • 2

    Upload a video

    Upload your own footage for a more authentic look and feel, or search for the perfect video in our stock footage library.

  • 3

    Edit your video advert

    Trim and cut the footage, add text and audio, or use transition effects for a more professional look. Experiment until you create the perfect video ad.

  • 4

    Export & publish

    After you finish creating your short video ad, download it in MP4 format and publish it on any video advertising network.

A video ad maker for all your advertising needs

Create promo video ads for all your advertising campaigns within minutes, at a fraction of the cost. Creatopy's advertisement video maker offers an affordable and professional video editing solution that simplifies one of the time-consuming aspects of advertising. It also allows you to experiment with videos for ads, so you can reach your goals.

video ad maker

Creating a YouTube ad has never been easier

Reach your target audience by advertising on YouTube. Use your own footage and images to tell stories that inspire and help you gain brand exposure, or use stock videos from our gallery to create YouTube ads that will outperform your competitors. Create professional video ads and slideshows within minutes that are perfect for advertising on YouTube.

youtube ad maker

The power of social media advertising through video ads

Now it’s easier than ever to create short video ads or product videos for Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Diversify your social media presence and make your audience engage with your brand in a whole new way. Online video ads help you tell stories through emotional or rational appeals and make your brand stand out. Explore different approaches, experiment with various video advertisements, and refine your social media advertising strategy.

We know you need a video ad making software that's powerful and easy to use

Trim & cut

You can trim a video to the desired length by dragging the start and end position on the timeline. Cut it as you wish and create complex videos.


Use our editor to crop the video file to the desired aspect ratio. Need to emphasize a specific angle? No problem, just crop, and scale.


Scale and convert your videos from one display resolution to another effortlessly using our resize tool or design generator.

Filter presets

Tweak your advertisements to perfection and make them more expressive by using video filters presets.

Autoplay & loop

Set your videos on auto-play or let it flow in a loop. Control the way your videos play based on your placement.

Download in MP4

Download your video ads in MP4 format, ready to be published and shared on any ad network or social media platform.

An advertisement video maker full of
stock videos and templates for inspiration

You’ll never be out of fresh ideas on our platform. Don’t have a video to upload? Create an advertisement video or product video ads using our stock videos. For an even faster creation process, pick a ready-made template from our gallery and customize it as you wish.

video ad templates and stock footage

Create short video ads today for more effective advertising campaigns

Enhance your advertising campaigns with short video ads. Start creating video adverts like professionals within minutes. Our simple drag and drop video editor makes everything easy, so you can focus on what really matters.