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Whether it’s about YouTube videos, Instagram Stories, video ads, or video slideshows, a video creator will bring your ideas to life and help you reach your target audience in a more engaging way. Welcome to Creatopy’s ONstage, the professional video ad maker where great ideas turn into fascinating stories.

step by step

How to make a video online

When it comes to complicated video editors, mixing, scaling, and adding effects are sometimes big productivity issues. In just moments, with Creatopy's ONstage video ad maker, you can create animated online videos for any platform.

  • 1

    Choose the right size

    The first step is to select the right size in which you want to create your video ad. Choose one of the presets in our library or create a custom size.

  • 2

    Upload a video

    You can upload the file in the editor or choose a stock video from our library, and you're good to go.

  • 3

    Edit & shine

    Start editing your videos by adding effects, transitions, text, changing colors, setting loops, or mixing more videos.

  • 4

    Export your video

    Ready to publish? Download your design as HTML5, MP4, or GIF. Congratulations! Your video is ready to be shared.

easy to use

Easy but powerful drag & drop video editor

The video creator is guaranteed to have a "love at first click" effect. Uploading a video is a straightforward process. In just a few clicks, you can upload video files directly from your computer, from My uploads, or simply drag and drop them right in the Video Editor. Each video can have up to 100 MB or can be 5 minutes long.

multiple platforms

Consistency across all platforms

Dynamic content drives results. There’s no doubt about it. Our video ad maker is a premium feature , that helps you place your brand in the spotlight on any platform. Create short videos for your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube marketing needs.
Boost views and engage with audiences using video ads. Add text to video and cool effects to establish a long term impact within communities.

scale up

Generate & download multiple video sizes

Save time and generate video sets of multiple sizes, with different aspect ratios. Make them more complex by changing colors, adding filters, and text. All the changes you make apply to all the sizes in your video set. Push your creativity to the limit and use our video creator and generator to deliver high-quality videos in record time.

Generate & Download Multiple Sizes
design automation

Stage your videos to perfection using the right editing tools


Trim & Cut

You can trim a video to the desired length by dragging the start and end position on the timeline. Cut it as you wish and create complex videos.



Use our video ad maker to crop the file to the desired aspect ratio. Need to emphasize a specific angle? No problem, just crop and scale.



Click and drag until you reach the size you need. Not all files match desired formats. Customize them in just a few clicks.



You can find preset filters in the editor to give a certain twist to your video. Choose the one you like, apply it, and voila.


Autoplay & Loop

Whether you choose to Autoplay your design or let it just flow in a loop, you always have a preview of your work.


Download as...

From HTML5 to MP4 and GIF, go ahead and use your work on all platforms. You just focus on creating the video—we’ll take care of the rest.


Stock videos for customization
and templates for inspiration

The “director’s block” is a thing, and we all know that. Choose the scenario that fits your message best by using our stock video library or templates gallery. Start from a template and then customize it as you wish.

video templates and stock videos


How can I make a video?

To make a video, you need to use the right tool. When doing your research, it’s also essential to decide where you want to use your design—social media, website, or other platforms. Then, you need to choose the best tool that’s going to help you put the concept into practice. A visual production platform like Creatopy is ideal when you need to find the best inspiration for your video idea. It has all the tools you need to create a video from scratch, including lots of video templates that can be customized however you want.

What are the steps to making a video?

First, you need to decide on a concept. This is going to help you define the main idea and message you want to transmit so you can plan accordingly. Second, you need to write down the script and think about what clips you need to film. Next, it’s time to record the scenes that are missing. Once you have everything you need, you can start editing the video by trimming the clips, adding music, text, or other elements that define your brand. Finally, you can begin promoting the video wherever you want.

How do you put text on top and bottom of a video?

To add text to a video, you can use a video ad maker such as Creatopy. In just a few clicks, you can add text on the top and bottom of your design. What’s more, is that you can customize the text however you want to match your brand’s identity. This means you are able to change the font, position, size, and the text’s color, so it will be easily read when the video plays. In Creatopy, you can play with the text overlay to achieve stunning results.

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Make the performance with Creatopy's ONstage video editor

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