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Almost every great tech company is using banner advertising to get to the right users with relevant information. This is why I want to show you 27 of the best banner ad examples I saw in my research. 

There are more and more tech companies that try to create a better experience for the web presence, but they also use the internet to help people like me and you find a solution to our problem. 

Whether you’re working in tech or want to see how big-league brands make powerful banners that covert into more users, you should definitely read and bookmark this article

Because here you will learn how Google, Facebook, Netflix, or Shopify are designing their banner ads to gain users, increase profit, and last but not least, have an impact on the industry.

So, if you need some banner design inspiration, check out this article.

Table of contents

  1. Adobe
  2. Amazon
  3. Bing
  4. AOL
  5. Apple music
  6. Cisco
  7. eBay
  8. DELL
  9. Dropbox
  10. Evernote
  11. Facebook
  12. HP
  13. Google
  14. LinkedIn
  15. MailChimp
  16. IBM
  17. INTEL
  18. Microsoft
  19. Chrome
  20. Oracle
  21. Paypal
  22. Netapp
  23. Netflix
  24. Shopify
  25. Zoom
  26. Slack
  27. YouTube

1. Adobe

Adobe Banner

When I say Adobe, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Creativity? Photos? Design? Photoshop? Money? Well, what if I told you that every one of these words is integrated into their banner ads? They are using an urgent message that makes the user click on the banner ad right at the moment they see it. With messages like “GO ALL IN ON ALL APPS” or “MAKE IT,” the message makes it clear and simple: now is the moment.

Also, Adobe is very serious about their logo and they are placing it in every banner ad.

2. Amazon


Let’s say that your business is a big one and you have different categories. Which one do you promote on your banner ads? Do you include everything in the same banner ad or does every category have its own group of ads?

Amazon is a great example of how to create a banner ad for every service you offer. Just look at how they designed them for “Amazon Business,” “AWS,” “Amazon Pay,” and “Amazon Shipping.” Each service has its own distinct banner ad, tailored with specific messages and visuals that appeal to its target audience.

Also, do you see how important A/B testing is for them and how they use their message, colors, and CTA buttons? They experiment with different layouts, headlines, and call-to-action buttons to see which combinations perform better and drive more engagement.

This is why we always tell our users to experiment with their banner ads and then measure to see which one is performing better.

3. Bing

Bing Banner

When I’m looking at these banner ads, I see 3 situations: a brand that is proud of the project it is sponsoring, a brand that creates emotion, and a brand that sells a promise. And when you see a brand in one of these 3 situations, that means it is on the right path.

Bing is a great example of how to design a banner ad for the right user. Whether it’s promoting a project like “The Chase Grid Battle,” creating excitement with the chance to earn free gift cards, or selling a promise of convenience with their Food & Drink app, Bing tailors its ads to resonate with its audience effectively.

4. AOL

AOL Banner

What’s the main color of your brand? How do you make your banner ad stand out? AOL is using a wonderful color and a simple message. Their consistent use of bright blue makes the ads instantly recognizable and visually appealing. What I also love about these banner ad examples are the colors of the CTA buttons with the clear message “Get Started Now.” The vibrant pink and green buttons contrast beautifully with the blue background, drawing the viewer’s attention and encouraging immediate action.


Apple banner

If I were to ask you to design a banner ad promoting one of Apple’s products, what would be the first thing you would do besides inserting their logo? Something simple or something complicated? Exactly. Apple Music already created a big buzz in the industry, so there’s no need to make a big fuss over their banner ads. This is why a simple message like “Over 60 million songs. Zero ads.” or “Create playlists. Or listen to ours.” is more than enough. These ads use vibrant colors, clear imagery, and straightforward CTAs like “Get 3 Months Free” and “Try It Free,” making the message clear and compelling without overcomplicating the design.


Cisco Banner

How do you create an emotional connection on the internet? By using powerful messages and visuals that make the user think about them.

CISCO also shows its versatility and global reach by targeting multiple nationalities and various user needs. Their ads emphasize security and connectivity, with strong messages like “If it’s connected, you’re protected” and “Elevate user productivity, minimize complexity.” These messages are supported by visuals of professionals working with technology, reinforcing CISCO’s position as a leader in the tech industry.

7. eBay

Ebay Banner

eBay is one of the biggest players in the banner advertising industry. Not only do they invest a lot of money in display advertising, but they also focus heavily on the design of their banner ads. They are selling an emotion and creating a need in every user’s mind that sees these banner ads.

Just look at it and tell me that you don’t feel compelled to explore their services. From informative messages about EU directives and seller protection to practical guides on increasing selling limits and account management, eBay’s ads are designed to engage and inform. Their use of clear, relatable visuals and straightforward text creates a compelling call to action for both new and existing users.


Dell Banner

Here is another example of how to use colors in your banner ads. DELL designed these banner ads using only three elements: high-quality images, a simple color as a background, and their logo. Each ad is visually striking and easily identifiable as part of the DELL brand.

The high-quality images showcase their products in dynamic and relatable settings, emphasizing innovation and practicality. The use of solid background colors helps to keep the focus on the message and product without unnecessary distractions.


Dropbox Banner

How often do you use Dropbox, and how did you find out about them? Some of us have found out about Dropbox from our friends, and some of us saw a banner ad highlighting its unique features. What I actually love about Dropbox’s banner ads is the great and creative headlines that emphasize the benefits of using their product: “Keep collaborators aligned with frame-accurate feedback” and “Build eSignature integrations in hours, not days.”

Is this a good banner example? Yes, it is. These ads are visually appealing and effectively communicate Dropbox’s key features and benefits. The use of vibrant colors, clear imagery, and concise text ensures that the message is quickly and easily understood. Each ad is tailored to specific aspects of Dropbox’s offerings, from team collaboration to secure file management, making them relevant and engaging for different user needs.


Evernote banner

Every time I have an idea and I’m not in front of my laptop, I open the Evernote App and write it down. Evernote is a great tool that every marketer or businessman should use. The message you find on their banner ads is either “The app for high achievers” or “Time is money. Get rich by getting organized.”

Because smart people use smart apps, right? Evernote’s ads are straightforward and appealing, highlighting the app’s benefits with clear, engaging text and visuals. The emphasis on organization and productivity resonates with professionals who seek efficiency in their daily tasks.

11. Instagram

Facebook Banner

I don’t know if you’ve seen banner ads from Instagram lately, but they also have certain periods of time when they use display advertising to promote their network. And from what I see, they’ve done a great job telling users and parents how to use their platform more effectively and safely.

Instagram’s ads focus on key messages such as stopping misinformation with “Know what’s real” and promoting safety features like “Default Private Accounts for teenagers.” They highlight the importance of parental control and privacy, addressing common concerns with clear and relatable visuals.

So, who said banner ads aren’t working? Instagram’s targeted and informative ads demonstrate how effective they can be in conveying important messages and engaging their audience.

12. HP

HP Banner

Time is money, and efficiency is key. This is what you can learn from the HP banner ads. Their primary focus is on users who value performance and reliability, whether they are gamers, creative professionals, or business users. HP offers straightforward solutions for those who need powerful technology without the hassle.

This is why their banner ads have to be straight to the point, with a clear message. Whether it’s promoting the “HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop” with a call to action like “Shop now,” or highlighting advanced technology with messages like “Equip your agency with thin and light data science laptops,” HP’s ads are designed to convey efficiency and innovation. They use high-quality visuals and concise text to communicate the value of their products quickly and effectively, catering to the needs of professionals and businesses looking for reliable tech solutions.


Google banner

When you want to design a great banner ad that converts and you’re lacking inspiration, you just need to take a look at the ones who created this form of advertising and learn from them. This is why I’m going to let Google show you how they do it, and maybe you can steal some of their tactics.

But the main point you have to focus on is that simplicity will always have a bigger impact. Google’s banner ads are a testament to this principle. They use clean designs, straightforward messaging, and clear calls to action. Whether it’s promoting Google Workspace with messages like “Productivity redefined with Duet AI” or encouraging users to “Compare your strategy with Ads top performers,” their ads are effective because they are simple and direct. The use of minimalistic visuals and concise text ensures that the message is clear and easily understood, making a strong impression on the audience.

14. LinkedIn

LinkedIn banner

Social media is a great way to connect with people. Also, on a social media platform, you can advertise and help your brand connect with your future clients. The most important thing is to find the most suitable platform for your business, and when you’re in the B2B industry, LinkedIn is definitely your platform.

LinkedIn’s banner ads are tailored to the professional audience they serve. With messages like “B2BENEFIT FROM EXPERT ADVICE” and “Maximize reach & ROI with our best practices,” these ads focus on providing value and expertise to businesses.

So, if you want to push your brand forward by advertising on their platform, I recommend you do it the way they do it.

15. MailChimp

MailChimp Banner

Is your brand strong enough to only insert your logo and use it for display advertising? This is another thing you can do with banner ads: brand awareness.

MailChimp is one of the brands that use banner ads to increase brand awareness and also to remind users they are more than an email marketing company.

Designers love this banner ad example that is a great inspiration for them. MailChimp uses vibrant colors, clear messaging, and strong calls to action like “Start Free Trial” and “Sign up now” to engage viewers. The ads effectively communicate their value propositions, such as increased ROI and powerful marketing tools, making them a standout example of how to use banner ads for both brand awareness and promoting specific features.

16. IBM

IBM banner

IBM is one of the brands that really know how to design their banner ads and how to connect with the user. Look at these messages and read the insights. IBM is not only a tech company; it’s a brand that is trying to solve different problems that we all deal with in our everyday lives.

The ads cover a range of topics from generative AI and sustainability to hybrid cloud solutions, showcasing IBM’s expertise in addressing modern business challenges. Their use of statistics and expert opinions adds credibility and relevance to their messages.

Also, if you look closely, you can see that their CTA button is at the bottom with a longer message accompanied by a helpful guiding arrow that encourages you to click on the banner ad to learn more about their solutions. This design choice ensures that the viewer’s attention is directed to the call to action, making it easy to engage with the ad.


Intel Banner

I believe in the power of effective advertising and well-executed display ads. Intel’s approach to display advertising exemplifies this perfectly. Their ads are simple but efficient, conveying powerful messages about their products’ capabilities and benefits.

With a focus on clear and concise messaging, Intel’s ads highlight the advantages of their processors, such as “AI PCs for Business with Intel vPro” and “Here’s why your next laptop should be powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors.” The high-quality visuals and straightforward text make the information easy to digest and impactful.

Intel’s banner ads gain a lot of recognition in the industry by effectively showcasing their technology and innovation, proving that well-done display advertising can significantly boost a brand’s presence and influence.

18. Microsoft

Microsoft Banner

I love the way Microsoft designed their banner ads by using a certain percentage of transparency on the colored shape that’s underneath their message and how they connect with the user by showing different possible real-life scenarios.

Microsoft is promoting its projects to various audiences by addressing topics like financial education, cybersecurity, and educational resources. They effectively communicate relevant messages to young adults, educators, and professionals, ensuring each ad speaks directly to the target audience’s interests and needs.

19. Chrome

Chrome Banner

Tech companies need to communicate their features and benefits clearly to attract and retain users. Chrome excels at this through its effective use of banner ads to highlight key functionalities and advantages of using its platform.

Chrome’s ads emphasize the secure enterprise browser capabilities, the ease of managing devices, and the benefits of a hybrid work model. With messages like “Manage your devices from anywhere” and “There’s no place like Chrome,” these ads clearly communicate the value Chrome offers to both businesses and individual users.


Oracle Banner

Creating a compelling call to action can significantly impact user engagement. Oracle’s banner ads effectively use clear and actionable CTAs to encourage user interaction. Words like “Learn more,” “Download the ebook,” “Request a demo,” and “Get a free demo” are strategically placed to prompt immediate engagement.

Oracle’s ads highlight the benefits of their services and solutions, making it easy for users to understand the value and take the next step. By providing direct and straightforward CTAs, Oracle ensures that users know exactly what to do, increasing the likelihood of them clicking on the ad.


PayPal Banner

PayPal’s banner ads are designed to clearly communicate the benefits of their services. The ads feature concise and impactful messages such as “Adding PayPal to your online store could help boost sales by 46%,” “Save on fees. Competitive rates available,” and “Accelerate payments processing while remaining agile.”

Each ad uses bright, eye-catching colors and simple, relatable images to draw attention. Icons and visual elements are used effectively to enhance the message, making it easy for users to understand the value PayPal offers. The consistent use of PayPal’s branding and logo across all ads reinforces brand recognition and trust.


Netapp Banner

I think a banner ad should send a clear message and make the user click on it because it contains valuable information. This is what NetApp does with its banner ads.

A simple design, a clear message, a nice visual element, and the guideline color. Simple and efficient.

NetApp’s ads are a great example of how effective and straightforward banner ads can be when designed thoughtfully.


Netflix Banner

I only hope that with these banner ads, I remind you to look at your favorite TV series on Netflix. And guess what? This is exactly why Netflix is doing this with their banner ads. They are using them to promote their TV series and other services you need after a hard day at work.

Do you see how they emphasize their affordable pricing and the convenience of watching anywhere? Their use of vibrant images from popular shows and movies draws attention and encourages viewers to subscribe and enjoy their content.


Shopify Banner

You will never know which banner ads are converting better if you don’t test them. So start designing not only one banner ad but three or four, and let them do their job – let them convert. Then, analyze them to see which one works better and optimize it.

Shopify shows us in their banner ads that they are not only A/B testing by playing with colors but also by changing the way they present their message and by experimenting with other elements in the banner ad. Their ads highlight different features and benefits, such as “Waive $2000 SGD off implementation” and “Over 675 million unique shoppers just last year,” while using a variety of visuals and layouts to find what resonates best with their audience. This approach helps them determine the most effective design and message to drive conversions.

25. Zoom

Zoom banner

Zoom’s banner ads effectively highlight key benefits and features, such as “5 challenges of hybrid work – and how to overcome them” and “Your AI-Powered Collaboration Platform.” They use a consistent color scheme with their brand colors and clear messaging. The CTAs like “Read the report” and “Talk to an expert” are designed to stand out with contrasting colors, making them easy to spot and click. The ads emphasize the importance of their tools in enhancing workplace collaboration and productivity, and the overall design ensures that the ads are visually cohesive and recognizable as part of the Zoom brand.

26. Slack

Slack banner

Slack’s banner ads really nail it by showing off what they do best. Bright colors and easy-to-read text make the messages pop. You’ll see lines like “Search smarter, summarize conversations instantly” and “Not every meeting needs to be a meeting… Start a huddle in Slack,” which hit home for anyone looking to streamline their workflow.

They also highlight big benefits like “Reap the rewards of efficiency – like 338% ROI” and “Easily see who’s available in Slack.” The friendly illustrations and clean graphics keep things fun and straightforward. Plus, each ad has a clear call to action, whether it’s “Try Slack Pro” or “Learn More,” making it super easy for users to dive in and explore what Slack has to offer.

27. YouTube

Youtube Banner

Working with content creators and influencers can help your brand get a lot of attention in the industry. So why not put those influencers on your banner ads and show the community that your brand embraces the power of influence marketing?

This is what YouTube is doing. They use well-known figures and appealing visuals on their banner ads to attract more users to the platform. For instance, their ads feature messages like “Where K-pop the music meets K-pop the culture” and “Billions of fans, millions of creators and all the content we love most.” These ads connect with different communities and interests, showing YouTube’s broad appeal.

Additionally, YouTube promotes initiatives like The Earthshot Prize, using stunning nature visuals to emphasize their commitment to global causes. This combination of influencer power and impactful imagery helps YouTube engage a wide audience and drive more users to their platform.

Your Turn

If you felt inspired by these banner ads examples and you want to break the chains of creativity just start designing software and tech banner ads and let your inspiration do its job.

Robert Katai
Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.


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