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The purpose of this article is to help you, as a marketer, understand what an SVG file is.And not only this but also understand why you need to use it in your design if you are doing your own banner ads and social media visuals.  

But this article is from my perspective. And I’m a marketer and a good friend of the product designer of Creatopy, Gery. When we had the talk about this release, he told me every single benefit of an SVG file from a design perspective.

Wouldn’t it be better if Gery wrote this article? Well, if you knew him, you’d know what a busy person he is. And also he knows his magic with visuals, I know my magic with words, so I will be his voice in this article.

Enough with the introduction. Let’s see what’s all the fuss with this SVG file, what marketers must know about it, and you’ll have to read the whole article to get to the best part.

First of all, let’s start with the definition:

What is SVG?

300px Bitmap VS SVG.svgThe SVG file or so-called Scalable Vector Graphics is a simple XML-based vector image format for only 2-dimensional graphics that can support interactivity and animation.

These kinds of files are defined in XML text files, which means that they can be compressed (this is very important for everyone designing banner ads and uploads them on Google Ads), scripted, indexed, and searched.

Now that we know the simple definition of the SVG files, let’s look at these benefits.

So, even if you are a marketer, small business owner, or designer, you really must understand what are the real benefits of using this type of graphics and why it is important for your daily work.

1. SVG = WEB & HTML5 Standard format

SVGs are everywhere nowadays and they are the industry’s standard in web design and online applications. Why? The answer is easy –  because of its main properties! Small size, maximum quality, vector editing capabilities, and the fact that it’s infinitely resizable! 

You can find and download free SVGs all over the web, just give it a try.

2. Uploading your logo as SVG

Uploading your logo as SVG

Use an SVG file for your logo and keep your logo sharp and clear on any size. Using compatible SVG files will help you extract colors from your logo and change them if you want or make single-color versions of your company logo.

3. Retina and mobile ready

No matter how big or small your SVG files are or the pixel density of your screen is, your graphics will always be sharp and pixel perfect. The one size fits all is something that many marketers are struggling with.

And it’s not that much about the size, but about the format of the content.

4. SVGs help to reduce the final size of the HTML5 package


One of the pet-peeves most advertisers and designers have is the size of their visuals after they designed them and saved them. This is why we recommend you start using SVG files in your design.  

Because using SVG images and not JPG or PNG images will help you reduce the file size by up to 200% while maintaining the maximum quality on any display or any dimensions for your banner.

5. Upload Icons, Illustrations, Clipart, or Artworks

No matter if you need an icon, you want to upload your logo, add new clipart, use an illustration, or simply print your artwork. SVG is the new go-to format for your uploads.

Why? Because as much as you resize them, they won’t change their quality.

SVG files can help you get the most out of your graphics. Being infinitely scalable means that your SVG images won’t get pixelated.

SVG maintain their aspect ratio and the graphics remain sharp and clear.

6. Recolor and redesign your graphics

Let’s say that you have a simple logo with only one color (white) and you want to create a banner ad on which you want to upload your logo.

But because the banner ad is entirely designed with white colors, you need to change the logo color.

If you use an SVG file, it will be much easier for you to change colors in any app.


Here are all the benefits you need to know about using an SVG file in your banner ad design. Here’s a TLDR:

1. SVG = WEB & HTML5 Standard format – it means that this is the real trend online today.

2. SVG is SEO friendly – when embedding to your website.

3. SVG has a very small size so it loads faster – very good for Google Ads campaigns and social media ads.

4. SVGs help to reduce the final size of the HTML5 package.

5. SVG is an Infinitely scalable vectorial graphic.

6. Retina and Mobile ready – looks good on any screen.

7. SVGs help reducing the final size of the HTML5 package.

8. Uploading your logo as SVG makes it super sharp and prevents distortion.

9. An SVG lets you recolor your uploaded graphics.

10. You can add custom shapes or design elements to your design.

11. You can solve special character text issues with SVG.

That’s it!

Oh wait, I promised you the best part is at the end. Well, we’re happy to announce that you are able to upload SVG files in Creatopy.

Here a few examples. Just click and edit them in our app.

All those benefits from above, all wrapped into our platform.

Only think about how much time you’ll win with this feature integrated into your favorite banner maker.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about this feature and if you believe it will be useful for your future designs.

Robert Katai
Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.


  1. Great article! Very important info for all of us. Thank you for always keep all applications and format with the times!

  2. As one of our favorite characters said: “Do, or do not. There is no “try””. We really do our best to keep our platform up to date and we appreciate you saying that! :) – Oana

  3. hi great article! so you can use SVG elements on web banners?

  4. Hi, sorry couldn’t help but notice your banner on the right (in this webpage) has a logo that doesn’t look very sharp on my retina screen (though all the text and buttons do). Could I just ask why that is? And if there are any ways to make it just as sharp as the text?

    I’m a designer who creates web banners but when I review the output by the devs it looks absolutely horrible in terms of resolution.

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