$10M Series A to Empower Businesses to Achieve Their Creative Potential Investment Announcement
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We believe creativity is a powerful force that can transform the way brands and customers connect in the digital age. High-quality and personalized creatives help companies make better ads and reach their audiences in unique ways across the customer journey. When done right, advertising should feel like storytelling. 

Advertising powers much of the digital economy and has been under significant changes driven by advancements in technology and shifts in consumer behavior: from the rise of new digital channels, to higher expectations related to personalization and targeting, and new challenges regarding privacy and brand consistency. As a consequence, the demand for visual content has increased exponentially and companies need to produce a higher number of personalized creatives, in multichannel formats, while maintaining brand consistency and quality.

Creatopy is closing this creative gap by helping brands and agencies to easily create, personalize, scale, and serve effective ads. It does this by offering an end-to-end creative workflow experience, tailored to the needs of businesses through collaboration and brand control. The core features include the ability to design high-quality ads, to personalize and customize for effectiveness, and to serve & optimize them on digital channels.

We’re also bringing the full power of AI to enhance our solution, making the creative workflow simpler and faster, and increasing users’ capabilities to manage their creatives across all formats, channels, and markets.

Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve their creative potential, helping them get the highest return on advertising and create a unified brand experience. We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a $10M Series A from 3VC and Point Nine, top investors who will support us in this journey of becoming the category-defining company in the creative automation space.

Thank you for being a Creatopy customer!

Here you can read the official press release announcing the investment.

Dan Oros
CEO Creatopy

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