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Where it all began

Creatopy started in 2021 in a small town in Transylvania as the ad design platform meant to reduce the time spent on repetitive processes.

The platform generates a one-of-a-kind creative experience based on automation, allowing every business to scale up ad production and delivery.

With a vast experience in the SaaS market of more than 13 years, Creatopy is a game-changing B2B solution in the Advertising Industry.

Creatopy is the future of ad automation.

our mission

Build a world where people can unlock limitless creativity

That’s what we aim—to continuously create intuitive tools and offer the most efficient solutions that revolutionize the way the world communicates visually. We love receiving feedback and actually doing something about it.

our values

This is what drives us


I Belong

I belong to an A-team of beautiful minds and open hearts, allowing me to think sharp, to glow bright, and to stay agile.


I mean technology

I mean technology. I am passionate about… no. I actually live and breathe technology. That’s it!


I care

I care about delivering the best CX because I’m seriously going to knock your socks off with a pleasant and productive journey.


I create

I create beautiful design content because the best quality collection of designs always wins.


I love Oradea

I love Oradea, the city which provides the necessary magic dust for me. And because Transylvania sounds awesome.

Behind the scenes

Any success story relies on productive people

From a small business to a powerful company of 100+ employees. Designers, marketers, developers, account managers, dreamers, but first of all, creative minds that glow are constantly working towards offering help in achieving success with visual stories.
We are here to support anyone in need throughout the creative process - whether it’s about how to use the features to their full potential or to provide resources that drive businesses forward.

We want to serve well, and that’s why we constantly need glowing people.


Partnerships, company,
and general queries

For partnerships or other requests regarding your account,
contact us via email at the following address:

Creatopy is a CTP Tech, LLC subsidiary

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535 Mission St. FL 14, San Francisco, CA 94105