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The Best Facebook Event Photo Size for 2024 + Best Practices

facebook event photo size
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Facebook events are a great way to promote your upcoming appearances, conferences, meet-ups, online sales, product launches, etc. 

Whether you’re organizing an online or offline event, Facebook events can help you increase its visibility and the number of attendees. 

Facebook has changed the size of the event banner so many times in the last couple of years that it can get confusing to get it right. There are many divergent recommendations on the web regarding the best Facebook event cover image size. 

This article aims to clear up all the confusion and provide you with the correct Facebook event cover photo size for 2024, a how-to guide, and a handful of best practices to help you design beautiful event covers.

What you will learn from this article:

  1. What size is a Facebook event cover photo in 2024?
  2. Facebook event cover on desktop vs. mobile
  3. Where will your Facebook event photo appear?
  4. How to make a Facebook event banner in Creatopy
  5. How to create an event on Facebook
  6. Best practices for creating impressive Facebook event covers

1. What Is the Facebook Cover Photo Size in 2024?

The Facebook event cover photo size is 1920 x 1005 pixels, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

The standard upload size for a Facebook event header is 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, Facebook displays the event header differently on devices.

We advise keeping it simple and avoiding cropping your cover image. Use the recommended Facebook event cover photo size of 1920 x 1005 pixels. 

the correct Facebook event cover photo size

I’ve seen many failed Facebook event covers.

Some were too small to fit the event header space, so they were stretched to the maximum and lost their quality.

Others were simply not created in a landscape format, and the top area was cut off. To avoid these situations, use the recommended Facebook event banner size.

2. Facebook Event Cover on Desktop vs. Mobile

Facebook displays event banners slightly differently on desktop and mobile devices. 

How a Facebook event cover looks on desktop

On desktop, your Facebook photo will be displayed at 1920 x 1005. 

As you can see, on the sides, Facebook will autogenerate gradients with the same colors as the cover.

We strongly recommend placing all of your elements (images, graphics, and text) in the safe area in the middle of the visual. 

How a Facebook event cover image displays on mobile

Let’s see what the Facebook event photo size for mobile is. 

On mobile devices, Facebook will scale the event banner so it doesn’t lose its quality. The key is to include all the event info in the center of the cover, as you can see in the example below.

3. Where Will Your Facebook Event Photo Appear?

Your Facebook event cover image will be shown:

  • On the event page 
  • In the upcoming events section, displayed as a thumbnail
  • In the Newsfeed

4. How to Make a Facebook Event Cover in Creatopy

Follow these steps to create a cover photo for your Facebook event:  

  • Sign in to your Creatopy account.
  • Select a Project you want to work on. 
  • Click on + New Design from the upper right corner of the dashboard, then select Create custom size. Then, add the Facebook event cover dimensions of 1920 (width) and 1005 (height)
  • Even though it’s optional, we recommend setting a name for the size so you’ll know how to find it anytime. Then it’s time to start designing. 

  • Add a background. You can choose a simple colored background, a textured background, a stock photo from our premium Shutterstock library, or upload your own image.

  • Add your copy. Don’t forget to include the event title, date, location, and other important information for the attendees.
  • Add graphic elements to make your event header more appealing and unique. 
  • Add your logo

  • Save and download your event cover.

5. How to Create an Event on Facebook

No matter the type of event you’re organizing, you can create a Facebook event to spread the word about it. 

What’s even more exciting is that after you create a Facebook event, you can promote it to get even more people signed up. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the Facebook business page you want to create an event for.
  • Click on Events and then on + Create new event.

  • Start filling in the details, like the name of the event, start and end date, whether it’s an in-person (for this option, add the location) or online event (provide a link in the event description). 
  • Upload your cover image. 

  • Add a description of the event. The first paragraph of the description will be the first thing that people see when they visit your event, so add the most essential information in the first few sentences. Be creative and capture people’s interest. If you have an impressive local venue, give more details about the location. If you host a charitable event, start with a powerful sentence. You get the idea.

  • After you’re done, click Create event. 

6. Best Practices for Creating Amazing Facebook Event Covers

1. Use an eye-catching image

Your event will appear in people’s newsfeeds, on your page, and in Facebook’s event suggestions.

Unless you have an appealing image, your event will be left unnoticed.

Instead of using the same stock images everyone else uses, try using a unique photo. Pick an image featuring your guest speakers, company headquarters, or team members. 

The photo needs to be high-quality and representative of your brand.

2. Add the date and venue of the event

This one goes without saying, but in a rush to post something on Facebook, some people may forget elementary steps.

That being said, don’t upload your Facebook event cover image unless you’ve added all the information about your event.

Also, make sure you’re using a cool font that’s legible and draws attention.

3. Use branding elements to make the event easily recognizable

Use your brand’s logo, name, color palette, and fonts to help people recognize your brand.

Whether you’re creating a photo cover or an illustration, your brand signature is a must.

4. Find an appealing name for your event

The name of the event will be the first thing that will inform people about what’s going on and what type of event you’re hosting.

So choose a name that is both explanatory and creative and place it center stage on your cover.  

Get the Event Started

Use the correct size of the Facebook event cover photo and our tips to set up your event page. Go to Creatopy to create your Facebook event banner in just a few minutes. Then, publish your event and get ready to welcome attendees.
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