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Use Creatopy to design a Facebook photo cover that makes a great first impression. Start with the right size every single time to make a professional looking cover that will keep your customers engaged.

Creatopy's Facebook cover photo maker

A better way to create a Facebook photo cover

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    Simpler workflow

    Our intuitive drag and drop editor enables you to start designing Facebook cover pictures right away and not get stuck in complicated workflows.

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    Faster repurposing

    With the auto resize tool, you can design multiple sizes based on the same Facebook header and use them on other social media platforms.

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    Smarter editing

    Generate an entire design set, edit your sizes simultaneously, and scale up your creative production.


Get inspired by our Facebook cover templates

Creatopy offers a variety of professional templates specially designed to be customized with ease. All of them comply with the safe zone, so any photo cover you choose will look great both on desktop and mobile, while no important information will be cut out. Update your page by promoting a new product or upcoming event, or simply making an announcement.


All in one Facebook cover photo creator


Shutterstock library

Get access to up to 20 million high-quality Shutterstock images that you can use as a background in your visual and customize as you like.


Original illustrations

Add a special touch to your cover by using unique illustrations created by our talented in-house designers.


Masks and shapes

Get creative and use shapes or masks on your design to make an element stand out or emphasize your message.


Typography presets

Choose one of our beautiful font pairings, make sure it goes hand in hand with your cover art, and then just edit the text.


Brand kit

Save your brand assets in your Brand Kit, so you have your logo, font, color palette, and other imagery on hand at all times.


Scale download

Download your work in PNG or JPG retina-ready format to make sure it looks pixel-perfect on all screens and devices.

step by step

How to create a Facebook cover photo

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    Get inspired

    After you select the Facebook cover size from the dashboard, get yourself some inspiration. Go through our library to find a template that fits the design you want to create. Creatopy makes it easy to search for a layout that matches your intent.

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    Customize the cover

    Use Creatopy's cover photo maker and take advantage of its complex library to personalize your design with high-quality stock photos, icons, shapes, masks, and more. Add or replace creative elements to give that personal touch to your visual.

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    Brand it

    After you included all the elements you wanted, it's time to brand your design. Thanks to the Brand Kit, you can easily access all your brand's visual assets, such as font, color palette, logo, imagery and more. Replace the logo, change the font, and use the color shuffle option to brand your template in just a few clicks.

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    Download the cover

    Once you're happy with how your Facebook cover photo collage turned out, download it in JPG or PNG format. You can choose any scale between 0.5X and 4X. Use the 2X scale if you want your cover to be retina-ready.

Let's not forget about the costs

Because great Facebook cover design doesn't have to be expensive

Short learning curve

Enable seamless collaboration between team members with a Facebook cover photo maker that is easy to learn and use. No onboarding is necessary. Simply create an account and start designing your perfect Facebook cover photo collage.

Per seat pricing model

You can scale your creative production process to your specific needs with our friendly pricing plan. Design Facebook covers alone or create a team, establish roles and rights, and tailor the workflows exactly as you need them to be.

7-day free trial

Feel free to explore our Facebook cover maker down to the smallest details using the 7-day free trial available for all premium plans. Find out how easy it is to make design a professional Facebook header in Creatopy.

Start designing

Let us guide your design process

Design your next cover in Creatopy and explore the numerous ways in which you can customize it. Go beyond and see how our automation tools and collaborative environment can improve your creative process.