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Create compelling Facebook covers with our intuitive Facebook cover photo maker. Let your audience know who you are and what you do in the most creative way. Add text, images, graphics, and illustrations in the perfect combination and make your Facebook page stand out.

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template library

Browse our templates for Facebook covers

Creatopy provides professional Facebook cover templates, so you don't have to start your design from scratch. Choose from a variety of styles, themes, and industries. To create unique Facebook cover photos, add your personal touch and customize your chosen template with your branding.

facebook cover templates
intuitive design and speed

Feature-rich Facebook cover photo maker

Thanks to automation, designing with Creatopy takes less time and allows everyone to be more creative. Access a range of features that will make building cover photos for Facebook truly enjoyable.

Elements library

Access an entire library of original illustrations, Shutterstock images, shapes, and other graphics for deeply personalized Facebook covers.

Rich text

Design the text on your cover with unique styles and font weights, such as bullet points, subscripts, superscripts, and strikethrough.

Blend modes

Combine your photos, texts, or shapes in the most unique way with just a few clicks and draw your audience’s attention to your cover.
branding opportunity

Make your brand visible

Make Facebook covers in line with your brand and website. Customize them with representative images, color schemes, and original illustrations. In Creatopy, you can upload all your brand assets in dedicated Brand kits, so you have them at your fingertips when needed.

Make your brand visible with Facebook covers
smooth design process

Collaborate with ease

Our platform enables marketing and design teams to create fantastic cover photos for Facebook together. Connect your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts to Creatopy to give your entire team instant access to all your assets. Communicate in real time and share your work with all stakeholders, including those outside your organization.

Make your brand visible in Creatopy
Repurposed designs

Save time with smart resizing and bulk editing

Resize your Facebook cover instantly into any banner you may need for other platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube. With Creatopy, you can edit all the sizes simultaneously and eliminate manual work.

Save time with smart resizing and bulk editing
step by step

How to make a cover photo for Facebook

  • Choose a template

    Browse the industry-specific template categories to find a fit for your needs, or start designing from scratch by selecting the preset Facebook cover size.

  • Customize your design

    Try out different combinations of design elements from our library. Drag and drop them onto your canvas and see how they look together.

  • Add branded elements

    Make your cover instantly recognizable to your audience by adding branded elements, such as your logo, photos, illustrations, and typography.

  • Export your cover

    When you're satisfied with your Facebook cover design, choose the JPG export format. Then import it to Facebook and check how it looks.


Start designing

Create inspirational Facebook cover photos

Unleash the full potential of your Facebook profile with Creatopy’s powerful Facebook cover creator.