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30 Creative Financial Services Ad Examples for Your Inspiration

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One of the most important aspects of your financial services ads is that they inspire trust for your customers.

If your financial ad don’t give off notions of trust, then you can go ahead and cross the idea off your list.

If you don’t get your customers to trust you with their money, your services will be doomed.

With staggering statistics such as 97% of Millenials don’t trust banks at all, it drives a sense of urgency that the ads that you’re putting out inspire as much trust as possible, ultimately leading them to you with their financial service needs.

Now, because this is such a fragile game we’re playing here, you have to make sure that you’re getting your financial ads right.

For this very reason, I’ve compiled a list of 30 creative financial services ad examples for you to be inspired by.

Trends and basics to follow when creating a new financial services advertisement

Before I show you examples of what you should consider implementing into your next design project, we should discuss the trends surrounding financial services advertisements. 

Now as we all know, trust is the most important impression you need to make on a person viewing your financial service ad. Think about images that inspire trust, like handshakes or graphic designs that show people helping each other.

You can also consider hiring a celebrity or social media influencer to promote your brand to increase the level of trust. When you trust someone and they promote a brand or product, a viewer is more likely to automatically trust your brand or at the least, consider it.

As a financial service, you want to be relatable. Another trend for financial service ads is showing different life events that people go through and their need for the stability of a financial service, or how you can help them and what you could do to improve their life. 


You need the perfect blend of tech-savvy with a human touch. Nowadays it’s vital that your services are easily accessible via someone’s mobile phone, but don’t feel robotic.

Promote your services by showing off how amazing your online app is, but not leaving out the fact that real humans are taking care of all of their needs.

Lastly, you need to be reliable. Show people, through your ad, that your service is something that your customer needs and can always rely on. Show them a situation in which they might need your services, and how they can rely on you.

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Now, as important as it is to have a great ad, what’s most important is that people see your ads. There’s no point in having a great, creative ad for your business and having no one ever see it. We’ve shared all of our tips regarding how to make sure your ads are seen.

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Now that we’ve gone over some basics of what you should portray in a financial service ad, let’s look at some people who made creative and unique ads for their companies.

I’ll split them up into categories. 

A. Home Loan Advertisements  

The trend for these home loan advertisements is quite clear. What they are doing in these home loan advertisements is picturing happy couples in their newly bought home, unpacking. These ads have the perfect combination of relatability and humanness. 



As you can see in this Wells Fargo advertisement, a mommy is pictured with her son unpacking boxes and making their house a home, only made possible by a loan provided by the bank. Because this is a relatable situation, it portrays high levels of trust. Very often, loan advertising is about inspiring clients in trusting the process.


This ad by SoFi shows a happy couple dancing and enjoying their new home. They were able to finance this home through SoFi. You can see the happiness on their faces, subconsciously telling viewers that loans through SoFi are a happy choice.
Another ad by Wells Fargo displaying a happy couple capturing sweet memories on the home’s floor. They’ve just moved in and still decorating. These ads have all been very relatable, making them great financial service ads and home loan examples. Everyone wants more than just a house, people and families want a

Be sure to insinuate while advertising house loans, that your bank can help speed up that process of making four walls a home.

The wording in this ad is very clever, as it is very similar to home sweet home. A super relatable quote and something everyone wants to say when they walk into their house. The percentage sign made out of greenery gives off a natural vibe that is trustworthy.

A different approach than displaying a person or family, nonetheless, a great example of a financial service ad. 

B. Credit Card Points and Traveling Advertisements

Next in line to discuss, we have credit card and travel points advertisements. Everyone loves a steal of a deal, and if you can travel for free by spending money on things you would’ve bought anyway, then why not? Let’s examine some of these credit card advertisements. 

I found all of these ads very interesting, as each travel choice appeals to a different crowd. Here, American express goes for a natural, outdoorsy motorcycle appeal, with a credit card drawn in the sky around the happy couple, with an insinuating quote and call to action below them “don’t live life without it”, making their call to action very enticing. 

Here we see a couple strolling down the beach hand in hand, enjoying a trip on a far-away beach. This was made possible by attaining travel points by spending money on their credit cards. You can see the Visa Platinum card slicing right through the curtain, saying that your next vacation is just behind the curtain.

Here we have another Platinum card advertisement, but this one is made by Mastercard. Just behind the card, peeping out, we see a lot of monumental places in this world to visit. By using this card, we’re showing the user that visiting these dreamy places can all be made possible by using this card.

The black color gives off a tone of luxury and that is enticing to many. 

Here comes Visa with a printer, putting money in and printing out beautiful places! By only using your card on your day to day items that you would spend your money on anyway, they’re saying, “Why not go ahead and use our card, and earn something in the meantime!” A very creative financial service ad, indeed.

Master Card coming in hot with an ad that you can almost taste. I can feel the sun on me now. This card makes you want to travel, am I right? The indestructible card gives off strong and reliable tones, while still having fun and enjoying yourself on an island. A company you can trust and have a good time with. 

This ad is interesting in the fact that they’ve turned a debit card into a suitcase. Small and easy to take with you wherever you go instead of carrying large sums of cash on you on vacation. It keeps you safe, and it’s convenient. It’s perfect. 

Here we see a couple pictured dining in Dubai. Visa is offering them great deals if only they go to restaurants and cafes they have made deals with. And all they had to do to achieve getting these discounts? Having a personalized visa card. 

Here we see American Express following a trend, or creating a series of travel ads, with the same slogan: Don’t live life without it! With a card drawn around him and a man photographing beautiful photos, this financial service ad could convince anyone to sign up with American Express!  

Take risks! This card is definitely designed and geared toward the risk-takers. We see a hand high up in the air, and a man jumping from an airplane to go parachuting. Again, this is an ad of Visa’s partners in Dubai and all the cool things you can do there, only by having this card.

This card is for gaining miles on your credit card. For the frequent flyer, this card is enticing. As the person peels back the card, you get a glimpse of Paris. Isn’t that what we all want after a long work week?

Visa. Always helping you travel and getting you where you need to be! 

This ad is very clear in showing you that you have the option to travel, just by using their amazing credit card perks! She’s walking out of an “airplane” that is her credit card. 

This ad truly embodies the simple, everyday things you need to buy, but in the meantime, telling you that by buying these things with their card, you can go! And we all feel the need to go after weeks and months of mundane routine! 

C. Insurance Examples and Advertisements

Next, we have loads of examples of insurance company ads. The message they’re all telling you is that they will protect and help you during unpredictable moments. And in the meantime, you’ll save money.

Save, insure, invest. This ad is perfect in depicting exactly what they are saying.

Don’t overdraft! They’re here to help you when you feel like the world is falling apart and you’re under high-pressure situations.

Here we have the character that all of America loves and knows that represents the insurance company  Geico! I chose three different ads, so let’s go over them. This one is cool in the fact that it is tell you that by going with their insurance, you’ll save money and be able to enjoy fun outing activities that would have otherwise been lost at a more expensive insurance provider.

Here is an interactive ad, that’ll tell you exactly how much money you’ll save with their company. The little reptile is fun and inviting and gives it a natural touch.

Here comes the tea! Geico is already ready to save you a buck and help you stay insured on any occasion.

I love the quote on this ad. Accidents and unexpected turns of tables can never be predicted. This ad is telling you that they’ll be taking care of you during those difficult moments. Reliability is everything when it comes to insurance.

Here we see that human touch that ads need. An insurance broker is seen giving a house to the client. The color green gives subconscious tones of prosperity to the viewer. This is a great financial ad all around.

D. Mobile and Online Banking Advertisements

You’ll notice in these mobile banking ads that every ad will show the fact that you can trust them, and that it is always accessible, no matter where you are in the world. You don’t need to go to a physical bank to access your funds.

These bank ads will appeal especially to the generation who grew up with smartphones or people who love the internet and tech. 

Here we have a mom with an app she can trust to quickly send funds to her children.

This is an important feature that any good online banking has. The colors are eye-catching and this ad is very relatable for families!   

Here we have an ad that depicts online banking at its finest. Carry around your bank account safely with you, no matter where you go.

Whether you’re in the air, on a boat, or traveling somewhere unknown, you’ll always have your funds with you, and they’ll always be safe.  KCB did a great job on this ad. Note again that they went for a green color scheme, which in this case represents money.

Finally, we see a woman carrying what seems to be a suitcase, but is actually an ATM machine. What I liked about this design was the fact it’s telling you that you don’t have to carry around large sums of money, but you can actually just have your phone with you and access your account at any time!  

E. Car Leases and Financing Options Ads

Everyone loves a new car and a great deal. These car dealerships and financers did a great job with there ads. Take a look! 


The finance papers are blowing in the wind, just like your worries will be blown away after you get in contact with this bank! 


The clever “Bye Buy” statement on the top of this lease ad is so clever that it hurts.

Say good-bye to buying and say hello to leasing and renting. 


Having a relatable, trustworthy, creative financial ad is crucial to your financial service business. If you’re in need of an online banner ad for your financial service, but you don’t have a professional designer on hand, never fear!

We have all the templates that you could need, and you can customize them to your liking with your own elements, brand colors, logo and more!

Check out the templates we have below, be inspired by all the great financial service ads we went over, and use one of our banner templates to start promoting your financial service today! 

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