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Definition of Logomark in Graphic Design

A logomark, also known as a brand symbol or logo symbol, is a distinct and recognizable graphic element or symbol used to represent a brand, company, product, or organization. Unlike a logo, which may include both text (logotype) and a graphic element (logomark), a logomark consists solely of a visual symbol or icon that serves as a visual identifier for the brand.


Logomarks are used in branding and graphic design to create a strong and memorable visual identity for a brand. They are often designed to be simple, versatile, and timeless, allowing for easy recognition and association with the brand across various contexts and mediums.

Related Terms

  • Logo: A visual representation of a brand, typically consisting of a combination of text (logotype) and a graphic element (logomark), designed to create a distinctive and memorable visual identity.
  • Brand Identity: The visual and conceptual representation of a brand, including its logo, colors, typography, imagery, and overall design elements, which collectively communicate the brand’s values, personality, and positioning.
  • Iconography: The use of symbols, icons, and graphic elements to convey concepts, ideas, or information, often employed in branding, signage, user interfaces, and visual communication.
  • Wordmark: A type of logo consisting solely of stylized text or typography, without any accompanying graphic elements or symbols, used to represent a brand or company.
  • Branding: The process of creating and managing a brand’s identity, including its visual elements, messaging, positioning, and overall perception in the minds of consumers and stakeholders.

Related questions about the term logomark

  • What distinguishes a logomark from other types of logos?
    A logomark consists solely of a visual symbol or graphic element, without any accompanying text, whereas other types of logos may include both text (logotype) and a graphic element (logomark).
  • Why are logomarks important in branding and graphic design?
    Logomarks serve as a visual shorthand for a brand, providing instant recognition and association with the brand’s values, identity, and offerings across various touchpoints and mediums.
  • What are some characteristics of effective logomark design?
    Effective logomarks are simple, memorable, versatile, and timeless, allowing for easy recognition and scalability across different applications and contexts.
  • How do designers create logomarks that resonate with a brand’s identity?
    Designers conduct research to understand the brand’s values, audience, and positioning, then develop visual concepts and iterations that capture the essence of the brand and align with its identity and objectives.
  • Can a logomark be used independently of a logotype, or are they typically used together?
    While logomarks are often used in conjunction with a logotype, they can also be designed to stand alone as a brand symbol, providing flexibility and versatility in branding applications and design executions.


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