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Definition of a Tittle in Graphic Design

In typography, a tittle refers to the small dot or mark that appears above lowercase letters such as “i” and “j” in some typefaces. It serves as a diacritical mark or accent and helps distinguish these letters from similar ones in print and digital text.


Tittles play a functional role in typography by aiding in letter recognition and improving readability, particularly in small font sizes or low-resolution settings where distinguishing between characters can be challenging.

Related Terms

  • Diacritic: A symbol or mark added to a letter to indicate a specific phonetic value, stress, or pronunciation, such as accents, umlauts, or cedillas.
  • Glyph: A graphical representation of a character or symbol in a typeface, including letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and special characters.
  • Typeface Design: The process of creating and designing the visual appearance, structure, and characteristics of a typeface, including the design of individual glyphs and diacritical marks like tittles.
  • Baseline: The imaginary line upon which most letters in a typeface sit, with tittles positioned above certain lowercase letters but aligned with the overall baseline of the text.
  • Readability: The ease with which text can be read and understood, influenced by factors such as font choice, size, spacing, and the presence of diacritical marks like tittles.

Related questions about the term title

  • Why are tittles important in typography, particularly in lowercase letters like “i” and “j”?
    Tittles help differentiate similar-looking letters and improve letter recognition, contributing to overall readability and legibility in printed and digital text.
  • How do type designers determine the size and positioning of tittles within a typeface?
    Type designers consider factors such as the overall design aesthetic, stroke width, x-height, and readability requirements when designing and positioning tittles in a typeface.
  • Are tittles always necessary in all typefaces, or are there instances where they may be omitted?
    While tittles are commonly used in many typefaces, there are instances in typeface design where they may be omitted for stylistic reasons or to achieve a minimalist aesthetic, particularly in display or decorative fonts.
  • Do tittles serve any additional functions beyond aiding in letter recognition?
    Tittles can also serve decorative or stylistic purposes in certain typefaces, adding visual interest or flair to individual characters while maintaining their essential readability.
  • How do tittles differ from other diacritical marks used in typography, such as accents or umlauts?
    Tittles specifically refer to the small dots or marks above lowercase letters like “i” and “j,” while other diacritical marks may indicate phonetic pronunciation, stress, or linguistic distinctions in various languages.


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