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Definition of accelerated delivery in advertising

Accelerated delivery is an ad delivery method used in online advertising where ads are shown as quickly as possible until the daily budget is exhausted. This approach contrasts with standard delivery, which spreads the ad impressions more evenly throughout the day.


Accelerated delivery is typically used when advertisers want to maximize their ad exposure in a short period, such as during a limited-time offer or a product launch. It ensures that the budget is spent quickly, which can be useful for time-sensitive campaigns.

Related terms 

  • Ad Delivery: The process by which online advertisements are served to users across various platforms and networks.
  • Daily Budget: The maximum amount an advertiser is willing to spend on a campaign per day.
  • Standard Delivery: An ad delivery method that spreads the ad impressions more evenly throughout the day to avoid spending the entire budget too quickly.
  • Impressions: The number of times an ad is displayed to users.
  • Pacing: The strategy of controlling the speed at which an ad budget is spent over a specific period.

Related questions about accelerated delivery

  • When is it most appropriate to use accelerated delivery for an ad campaign?
    Accelerated delivery is most appropriate for time-sensitive campaigns, such as limited-time offers, product launches, or events where immediate visibility is crucial.
  • What are the potential drawbacks of using accelerated delivery?
    The main drawback is that the daily budget may be exhausted early in the day, limiting ad exposure during later hours and potentially missing out on valuable impressions.
  • How does accelerated delivery impact ad performance metrics like impressions and clicks?
    Accelerated delivery can lead to a higher number of impressions and clicks in a shorter period, but it may also result in less efficient budget use if the ads are shown to the same users multiple times.
  • Can accelerated delivery be used in conjunction with other targeting strategies?
    Yes, accelerated delivery can be combined with various targeting strategies to ensure that ads reach the desired audience quickly, though it’s important to monitor performance to avoid overspending.
  • How does accelerated delivery affect the overall cost-efficiency of an ad campaign?
    While accelerated delivery can increase immediate visibility, it may reduce cost-efficiency due to rapid budget depletion and potential overexposure to the same audience. Advertisers should carefully consider their campaign goals and monitor performance metrics to optimize cost-efficiency.

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