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Definition of Ear in Graphic Design

In typography, an “ear” refers to the small, often decorative, stroke or serif that extends from the upper-right corner of the lowercase letter “g.” Ears are common in serif typefaces and add visual interest to the letterform.


Ears are a distinctive feature of certain typefaces, contributing to their overall style and personality. They can vary in size, shape, and design, influencing the overall appearance and legibility of the letter “g” in text.

Related Terms

  • Serif: Small decorative strokes or lines added to the ends of characters in certain typefaces, including ears in the letter “g” and other serifs in uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Letterform: The design or shape of a letter in a particular typeface, influenced by factors such as stroke width, contrast, and serif style.
  • Typeface: A set of one or more fonts sharing common design characteristics, including variations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • X-Height: The height of lowercase letters in a typeface, excluding ascenders and descenders, which influences the overall proportions and legibility of text.
  • Typography: The art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and visually appealing, encompassing font selection, spacing, and layout.

Related questions about ear

  • What purpose do ears serve in typography?
    Ears add visual interest and distinction to the lowercase letter “g,” contributing to the overall character and style of a typeface.
  • Do all serif typefaces include ears in the letter “g”?
    No, not all serif typefaces feature ears. Ears are a stylistic choice made by type designers and may vary depending on the design aesthetic of the typeface.
  • How do ears affect the legibility of text in typography?
    Ears can influence the recognition and readability of the letter “g” in text, particularly at smaller sizes, by adding visual complexity to the letterform.
  • Are there different styles or variations of ears in typography?
    Yes, ears can vary in size, shape, angle, and design, ranging from subtle extensions to more elaborate decorative elements, depending on the typeface design.
  • Can ears be customized or modified in typography?
    Yes, some digital typefaces allow for customization or adjustment of specific letterforms, including the presence or absence of ears in the letter “g,” to accommodate different design preferences or applications.


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