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Definition of Body Copy in Graphic Design

In graphic design and typography, “body copy” refers to the main text of a document or publication, typically used for paragraphs, articles, or blocks of content. It serves as the primary means of conveying information to the reader.


Body copy plays a crucial role in communicating the main message or content of a design piece, such as a brochure, magazine, or website. It is usually set in a legible typeface and size for easy reading, often contrasting with headlines or display text for emphasis.

Related Terms

  • Headline: The large, attention-grabbing text at the beginning of an article or section, designed to draw the reader’s attention and introduce the topic.
  • Subhead: A smaller headline or secondary title that provides additional information or context for the content that follows.
  • Typography: The art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and visually appealing.
  • Leading: The vertical spacing between lines of text, measured from baseline to baseline, which affects readability and the overall appearance of the text.
  • Justification: The alignment of text along the left or right margin, or both, to create a clean and uniform appearance in a paragraph or block of text.

Related Questions about body copy

  • What distinguishes body copy from other types of text in a design?
    Body copy is the main text used for conveying information or content, typically appearing in paragraphs or blocks throughout a design piece.
  • How do designers choose the typeface and size for body copy?Designers select typefaces and sizes that are legible and appropriate for the intended audience and medium, considering factors such as readability and visual hierarchy.
  • What are some common characteristics of effective body copy?Effective body copy is legible, well-organized, and easy to read, with appropriate line spacing, alignment, and paragraph structure.
  • Why is it important for body copy to be well-formatted and visually appealing?
    Well-formatted body copy enhances readability and engages the reader, making the content more accessible and enjoyable to consume.
  • How does body copy contribute to the overall design and layout of a document or publication?
    Body copy provides the bulk of the content and information in a design piece, shaping its structure, flow, and visual hierarchy, and guiding the reader through the content.


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