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Definition of ellipsis in graphic design

An “ellipsis” is a typographic symbol consisting of three evenly spaced dots (…) used to indicate the omission of words, a pause in speech or writing, or to create suspense or trailing off in narrative text.


Ellipses are commonly employed in various forms of writing, including prose, poetry, journalism, and graphic design, to convey a sense of continuation, omission, or uncertainty. They can evoke a range of emotions and add nuance to the meaning of a sentence or passage.

Related terms

  • Punctuation: Marks or symbols used in writing to clarify meaning, separate sentences, and indicate pauses or emphasis, including ellipses, periods, commas, and quotation marks.
  • Typography: The art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and visually appealing, encompassing font selection, spacing, and layout.
  • Textual Analysis: The examination and interpretation of written or visual text to uncover meaning, themes, and rhetorical devices employed by the author or designer.
  • Rhetorical Device: A technique or figure of speech used to persuade, inform, or entertain, including repetition, metaphor, and irony, as well as the use of punctuation such as ellipses.
  • Visual Storytelling: The use of imagery, typography, and design elements to convey a narrative or evoke emotions in graphic design, illustration, and other visual media.

Related questions about ellipsis

  • What is the purpose of using an ellipsis in graphic design?
    Ellipses are used to create pauses, indicate omission, or suggest continuation in text, adding depth and nuance to the narrative or message conveyed by the design.
  • How do designers effectively incorporate ellipses into layout designs?
    Designers can use ellipses to break up text, create visual interest, or imply a sense of anticipation or mystery in graphic compositions, such as posters, advertisements, or editorial layouts.
  • What considerations should designers keep in mind when using ellipses in typography?
    When using ellipses, designers should consider the context, tone, and readability of the text, ensuring that their placement and frequency enhance rather than detract from the design’s overall communication goals.
  • Can ellipses be used to create visual rhythm or pacing in graphic design?
    Yes, by strategically spacing ellipses and adjusting their size and alignment, designers can control the pacing and flow of text in a design, creating a dynamic and engaging reading experience.
  • Are there any cultural or contextual differences in the interpretation of ellipses?
    Yes, the interpretation of ellipses may vary across cultures and contexts. Designers should consider the audience and cultural norms when using ellipses to ensure that they are interpreted as intended.


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