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Definition of pilcrow in graphic design

In graphic design and typography, a pilcrow, also known as a paragraph mark or paragraph sign (¶), is a typographical symbol used to indicate the start of a new paragraph within a block of text. It is often used in typesetting and word processing to improve the readability and organization of written content by visually separating paragraphs.


The pilcrow symbol is typically inserted at the beginning of each paragraph to signal the start of a new idea, topic, or section within a document. It helps readers navigate through the text by providing visual cues that facilitate comprehension and structure.

Related Terms

  • Typography: The art and technique of arranging typefaces, fonts, and text elements to create visually appealing and readable designs, which includes considerations of spacing, alignment, and formatting.
  • Indentation: The horizontal space added to the beginning of a line or paragraph to create visual separation and hierarchy within a block of text, often used in conjunction with pilcrows to denote new paragraphs.
  • Text Formatting: The process of applying stylistic and structural changes to text, such as font size, color, alignment, and spacing, to improve readability and visual appeal.
  • Typeface: A set of characters with a consistent design style, including letters, numbers, and symbols, often grouped into font families with variations in weight, style, and size.
  • Line Spacing: The vertical space between lines of text, often adjusted to improve readability and aesthetics, particularly in large blocks of text or body copy.

Related questions about the term pilcrow

  • What is the purpose of using pilcrows in typography and graphic design?
    Pilcrows help organize written content by visually indicating the start of new paragraphs, improving readability and facilitating navigation for readers.
  • How are pilcrows typically formatted and positioned within a text layout?
    Pilcrows are usually rendered as a small, stylized symbol (¶) and placed at the beginning of each paragraph, aligned with the first line of text or slightly indented to create visual separation.
  • Are pilcrows commonly used in digital or print design, or both?
    Pilcrows are used in both digital and print design, appearing in word processing software, typesetting applications, and printed documents to denote paragraph breaks and enhance text readability.
  • Can pilcrows be customized in terms of appearance and styling?
    Yes, pilcrows can be customized in terms of size, color, and style to match the overall design aesthetic or branding guidelines of a project, although they are typically kept simple for clarity and consistency.
  • What is the difference between a pilcrow and a bullet point or bullet symbol?
    While a pilcrow indicates the start of a new paragraph, bullet points or symbols are used to list items or key points within a document, often in non-sequential order, to improve readability and organization.


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