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Creating, distributing, and optimizing an ad campaign involves multiple teams, processes, and tools, which often translates into delayed launches and lengthy campaigns.  

Marketing and design teams generally spend too much time on repetitive tasks during the ad design process and end up doing a lot of manual work to meet the demand for high-volume creatives. They juggle multiple tools to launch the ad campaign and optimize it for better results, often dealing with misalignment, missed feedback, and a lack of transparency throughout the campaign’s cycle. 

In light of these challenges, we have made a couple of enhancements to Creatopy, allowing for seamless ad production, distribution, and optimization flow. The product areas we targeted are creative distribution and optimization, and throughout this article, we’ll explain how these work and their main benefits.    


Creative Production Powered by Automation

Creatopy has the advantage of combining creative production, distribution, and optimization into a single platform. Additionally, each ad campaign cycle is powered by automation to assist creative teams in reaching the desired audience as quickly as possible.

As previously mentioned, ad creation frequently implies repetitive processes, especially when a campaign requires various sizes and creative variants. We know that the goal of any advertising professional is to spend as little time as possible on tedious tasks. 

Designers and marketers can use Creatopy to avoid manual labor and quickly produce the creatives they need to launch their campaigns. Built-in automation tools like bulk editing, resizing, and data feed ad creation are developed to make design work more efficient. Creative teams can now fully meet the demand for high-volume designs while allowing for more creativity and optimization strategies.

Ad Serving Across Programmatic Ad Networks  

Once the ad designs are ready, the creative team must take a few more steps to ensure the campaign runs smoothly.

To begin, there is ad serving, which requires working with advertising networks or DSPs, mainly if programmatic ads are to be used.

Creatopy has a wide range of ad networks and DSP integrations, allowing advertisers to launch their campaigns with minimal effort. It supports ad serving on AdForm, AdMarvel, Beeswax, Criteo, Google Campaign Manager, Google Display and Video 360, Groundtruth, Marketron, Roku, Xandr, and many other ad networks, making campaign launch easier.

If you were to bring over the creatives manually to your chosen ad network, you would first have to download them from your design tool and then upload them to the ad network. Furthermore, whenever you would like to make updates to your campaign, you would have to go through the same process all over again. 

With Creatopy’s ad tag solution, you can now bypass these limitations. Our platform allows you to generate ad tag codes for your creatives, which you can take over to your ad network or DSP and then carry on with the usual campaign setup. 

The creatives remain hosted on Creatopy’s servers, which means you can make changes to your live campaign without putting it on hold. Synching any edits to your creatives with your live campaign takes place in a short time so your audience can always see the latest version of your banners. This gives you more control over your ads and the flexibility to be reactive and agile when needed. 

Creatopy’s ad serving feature comes with a few extra benefits:

  • Add click tags to your ads 
  • Link add to your desired landing page
  • Enable responsive scaling to ensure the ads look great on any device
  • Incorporate external tracking and monitor the performance of your ad campaign


Creative Personalization 

One way to optimize your ad campaign is through creative personalization. The more personalized your ads are, the more likely it is for your audience to connect with them and consider purchasing your products or services.

Creatopy allows you to personalize ads in multiple ways, like incorporating brand assets, animations, and other unique design elements. Still, today we’ll focus on creative personalization with dynamic content.

Dynamic Ads 

We mentioned previously that with the help of automation and data feeds, you can create hundreds of variations of a single design.  

But combining these variations with dynamic rules opens up the possibility of serving dynamic ads based on location, language, user searches when browsing the Internet, and other custom variables. 

Creatopy has a few built-in variables that can be leveraged to serve dynamic ads. For example, through geographic data and IP addresses, Creatopy can identify a user’s location and help deliver personalized ads based on this type of data. 

However, you need access to an ad network or a DSP to do the campaign setup and enable the programmatic campaign bidding.

Dynamic Creative Personalization 

If you go one step further, you can make the most of using Creatopy by combining it with data management platforms, ad networks, and DSPs to run dynamic creative optimization, which is the ultimate example of personalization. 

Let’s use a store that sells pet accessories as an example. We have a person looking for dog leashes, another looking for cat toys, and another one looking for cat deodorizers. For various reasons, they abandon their search. 

To make them come back to your website, you would have to retarget them. However, because they have already shown interest in one of your products, you wouldn’t want to target these people with general ads about your business. 

You want to remind them about the products they were looking at. This is where dynamic creative optimization shines.

Dynamic creative optimization implies a DCO provider (in this case, Creatopy) and a DSP that helps you set the required dynamic rules which will recognize users based on their profile. 

With Creatopy, you link your product feed, create the required ad variations, and generate an ad tag for your campaign. Once you import the ad tag to your DSP, the DSP will dynamically serve the right variation to the right audience, as long as your website tracks user activity and the dynamic rules are set up.

This means that the DSP will show the ad with dog leashes to the person who was looking at this category. Each user will see personalized ads, depending on how they interact with the website. Unlike traditional ads, dynamic creative optimization uses data about the user to pull the best ad combination.

Creative Optimization for Boosted Campaign Performance

Any campaign optimization on advertising platforms can start with an update to the banner design. Sometimes, the banner can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that doesn’t bring the expected results. 

This is why campaign pre-launch should include A/B testing to help you decide on the best version of your design. A high-impact ad design is what makes any audience stop scrolling and pay attention. Whether you want to test two new creatives against each other or a new creative against an older version, Creatopy allows you to find the best-performing ad configuration easily. 

Instead of downloading the creatives and uploading them on the platform where you want to run the A/B testing, you can simply generate an ad tag that will also record the tracking that helps you measure how they perform. You can monitor clicks, impressions, and CTRs. 

Measuring Campaign Performance

When doing ads optimization, there is a lot of reporting and data analysis you should take into account. First of all, you want to be able to track each ad you launch and then gather the data in reports that are easy to understand. 

Creatopy allows you to create dashboards that measure campaign performance based on the type of data you want to discover. Data can be filtered by project, network, design variation, date, and other criteria. 

With the help of data visualization, you can compare different campaigns. You can connect it to your Creatopy account if you already use third-party tracking software.

Final Thoughts 

We hope these product enhancements will make marketing and designers more efficient in their ad production and distribution flows. Stay tuned for more updates and releases, and, If any of these areas are of interest to you, then check Creatopy’s Optimize plan or schedule a call below to find out more. 


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