1 Year Creatopy Anniversary
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February 8 is our day—the day Creatopy was launched in 2021.

On that cold winter day, we gathered at our building or online, in front of computer screens, to live excitingly throughout a day that was filled with joy, emotions, anguish, and hope. 

We believed we could do great things for the advertising industry, but we needed to be born first. With over 13 years of experience in this industry, we were confident our knowledge base was solid. We didn’t know how the world would react to us, but we had hope.

We released our product in a pandemic, and it was not an easy feat. We did not know the challenges that awaited us, but I daresay we overcame them with flying colors. I’m thankful for my team, for bringing more people aboard, for turning Creatopy into a worldwide company, along with a global product.

The Present

What we launched last year was just us scratching the surface. We are in an industry that constantly reinvents itself, being transformative, evolutionary, and dynamic. As an ad design automation platform, Creatopy is the same. Continually evolving, following its vision of conquering and revolutionizing the market by slashing ad production time through advanced AI and NLP, thus offering each client a tailored way to a successful ad story. 

Because this is our goal: at Creatopy, we are obsessed with finding ways to make our clients more efficient. Solving their problem of scaling ads gives them the necessary time to translate their campaign’s needs into impactful visual communication.

The Future

Plans for the future? To grow. Bigger, better, stronger. 

Our mission is to help brands and agencies become highly efficient by decreasing the time they spend on ad production and delivery in their end-to-end workflow. Naturally, the key driver of our efforts in 2022 is EFFICIENCY. 

We plan to concentrate our product development efforts on two main areas: ad production and campaign management.

When it comes to ad production, we plan on enabling our users to design and customize ads faster than ever before, with the help of a brand new editing and scaling environment.

And as we move towards becoming a one-stop shop for digital advertisers, we plan to add more distribution abilities, dynamic creative capabilities, and improved reporting and analytics to achieve better control over campaign performance.

To keep delivering on our vision, we will continue to collaborate with our customers to learn about their workflows to innovate in essential areas and solve problems that matter.   

Final Thoughts

None of these would have been possible without my team. The A-team that makes all the lights glow bright at Creatopy. As a founder, it’s rewarding to see a community of talented people such as our Creatopians—bound together around our vision but also around our shared values—constantly improving, constantly learning to offer you, our valued customers, everything you need to do more, but better. 

To finish off, I want to express my gratitude. 

To my team for constantly believing we are destined for greatness. 

To our clients for choosing us as partners in transforming the way they do ad production.

To our collaborators for dreaming alongside us. 

Happy birthday, Creatopy!

Gabriel Ciordas
Creatopy CEO & Founder. I’m passionate about building companies that innovate the industry. Running several 8-figure businesses taught me that hard work and passionate people are the foundation of achieving success.

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