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Ad tags are commonly known as HTML or JavaScript code snippets and are used for ad serving.

They carry essential information for any display advertising strategist, like the ad unit’s size, format, and other specifications needed to track performance.

However, there is a certain reluctance in using ad tags even among seasoned professionals, as the code must be customized for every ad platform. There are also various size limitations to be taken into account, so the whole process tends to be rather tedious.

Well, things are about to get a lot simpler with Creatopy’s ad serving add-on.

Our new ad tag functionality was designed specifically to ease the ad serving process, save man-hours, and allow for better control of your ad campaigns.

With just a few clicks, any team member can get a unique embed code for specific use: ad buy platforms, DSPs, SSPs, CMS, and standard.

There are 24 ad networks to choose from, or you can select the standard ad tag for general use. The add-on allows you not only to display ads on any website, regardless of their size and format but also to update your live ads in real-time and track their performance.

Now, without further ado, let’s see how ad tag works.

How to Use The Ad Tag in Creatopy

Activate the ad serving option 

Whether you create a single design or an ad set, you can easily enable our ad serving add-on. The only thing you need is an active subscription, so you can export custom embed ad tags. In case you are an Editor, you should contact your team owner. 

creatopy ad serving button

We offer a usage-based payment method, so you will be able to pay per impression.

The price for 50k impressions is only $10/month. Additional impressions are priced based on the following tiers:

  • 50k-100k impressions: $0.2 CPM
  • 100k-500k impressions: $0.15 CPM
  • More than 500k impressions: $0.14 CPM

activate ad serving creatopy

Select the ad network/s

Once you enable the ad serving add-on, it’s time to choose the preferred ad networks through which you’d like to serve your ads. You will get the optimized HTML script for the ad networks you work with, so you can display your ads on any website.

You can choose from 24 ad networks or use the standard ad tag for general use.

ad networks ad serving selection

Before you download or copy the ad tag code, you can activate the ClickTag option and/or responsive scaling. Use the Click Tag to set or overwrite the URLs in your ad designs. 

If the responsive scaling option is selected, your design will become responsive while retaining its overall proportions. The size of the design will change based on where it’s placed. If this option is turned off, the design will be embedded in its original size.

clicktag creatopy

Embed your ads

All that’s left is for you to embed the designs either on a webpage or in an advertising campaign. You don’t have to worry about the various size limitations, because thanks to the ad tag, you will have the correct code for the right ad network.

Another big advantage of using ad tag is that it simplifies ad serving and saves you plenty of time when updating a live campaign.

This way, you can easily customize published ads with real-time updates. You don’t have to pause your whole campaign or re-upload your ads if you have to change different assets or aspects of your visuals.

Make changes to your designs by enabling the ad serving and sync the latest updates directly in your live campaign.

ad serving update live campaign

creatopy ad serving pricing

You’ll also get access to detailed analytics, allowing you to analyze traffic insights for each ad network independently. Examine your data regarding impressions and clicks for a specific time frame.

You can easily check detailed insights about tracked data based on device, ad network, and projects that are being used.

Why You Should Use Creatopy’s Ad Tag?

The use of ad tag for ad delivery has major advantages:

  • No more size restrictions. First and foremost, the size limit imposed by the ad platform on which you will serve your ads will be eliminated. These size restrictions are usually around 150KB on average. However, certain platforms may have greater limits, while others may have lower values. The size limit is abolished when using the ad serving add-on since the designs are hosted on our servers;
  • Bring in more traffic. Your ads can now manage substantial traffic volumes;
  • Access to real-time stats. You have access to all of our real-time analytics tools, and all of your designs are instantaneously updated on your preferred platform.
  • Make live updates. If you make edits to your ads, you don’t have to re-upload them unless you want to modify particular assets.


Creatopy’s ad tag allows you to update live ads in real-time and display them on any website, regardless of their size and format.

Give it a try to see how easy it is to run display advertising campaigns and optimize them through our platform.

creatopy ad serving add on

Bernadett Kovacs-Dioszegi
Product Marketing Team Leader

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  1. Very convenient and straightforward process, even though it is a little pricey :-(

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