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Plenty of conferences have transitioned to digital since last year, which is a great thing for those of us that can’t travel to certain parts of the world.

This year is no exception. There are plenty of virtual events that will be taking place, so we made a list of the best ones that are happening starting with September.

If you’re looking to expand your circle and engage with other industry experts, we put together a list of marketing, design, and tech conferences that transitioned into digital events.

Without further ado, here are 29 events that you can still attend online, some even for free, from the comfort of your home:


📆 September 7-8
💸 from 39€

Short for Digital Marketing Expo and Conference, DMEXCO is the place where tomorrow’s digital business happens today. With its first edition in 2009, the conference has quite the history behind it.

The 2021 edition will feature 800+ speakers over the course of 160+ hours, broadcasted on 11 streams. You can hear from industry leaders, marketing and media professionals, and tech pioneers, like Facebook’s David Fischer, Google’s Jason Spero, and Eugene Kaspersky, among many others.

Visit the DMEXCO website for more information if it sounds attractive.

2. Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

📆 September 29 – October 1
💸 $699 – $2,399

For four days, you’ll have the chance to get insights from the best in the content marketing industry on how to grow your business and inspire your audience. The Content Marketing World Conference and Expo speaker list includes over 100 names, and more will be added soon.

The conference will take place in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as online, so you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

Tickets can be purchased here.

3. Inbound 2021

📆 October 12-14
💸 FREE or 119€

Inbound is a 3-day event that brings together business professionals from almost every industry. Normally, it’s an in-person conference, but they moved online due to the pandemic.

Hubspot hosts the conference, so they’ll probably introduce exclusive product updates as per usual. With no less than 94 speakers, Inbound 2021 is bound to be a must-attend online event.

You can grab your ticket here. They have a free starter pass with limited access to the content and an all-inclusive powerhouse pass for $119. 

4. MarketingProfs B2B Forum

📆 October 13-14
💸 $395 – $1,045

MarketingProfs is trying to sell more than just a marketing event. They are trying to build a community. In that sense, if you buy a ticket for the Conference, you get a PRO membership for one full year, with access to their Master Classes, courses, and more.

The event’s format is called “Watch Party” and gets you the chance to participate in workshops by watching different presentations simultaneously with other people. Some subjects on the agenda are storytelling, email marketing, B2B essentials, and customer experience.

More details and ticket info can be found here.

5. ADworld Experience

📆 October 14-15
💸 229€ – 479€

This conference is suited for all PPC enthusiasts and can be attended both online and in-person in Bologna, Italy.

Last year’s edition had 167 speakers, 250 hours of videos, and 1800 participants. This year’s speakers are yet to be announced, but you can check our last year’s names for reference.

See the different types of tickets here.

6. Advertising Week New York 

📆 October 18-21
💸 from $199

Advertising Week New York is much more than an advertising or marketing event—it’s an entire experience.

For a few days in October, the home of the industry will be the place where education and entertainment will come together to deliver the best creative experience for advertisers from all around the world. 

The virtual participation in the event costs $199, while the joy of the in-person event can be bought, starting with $629. For more information about tickets, visit their website.

7. Social Media Strategies Summit

📆 October 20-21
💸 $399 – $699

Social Media Strategies Summit is a 12-year running conference that offers a fresh perspective on social media with each new edition.

This year’s online event will feature 50+ speakers over two days. Senior-level executive leaders from well-known brands will share proven social media strategies they use to grow their brands’ online communities.

You can sit at your home office and connect to social media peers worldwide and revitalize your strategy framework.

Current ticket pricing is available here.

8. Adobe MAX

📆 October 26-28

Some may argue, but Adobe is by far the most respected player on the market, changing the creative digital game with products like Photoshop, Premiere, or After Effects.

Since its first appearance on the creative market, Adobe was constantly looking for ways to offer its customers new, effective, and innovative tools to help their creative workflow.

In honor of the industry, Adobe proposes an annual celebration of creativity with the name of Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference. The last year’s edition featured iconic speakers, such as Conan O’Brien, Aaron Daplin, or Paula Scher.

This year’s line-up is yet to be announced, but we expect nothing but the best from this event. The best part? It’s all free, so if you are a passionate creator looking to level up, you have no excuse for missing this.

More information can be found on their website.

9. AD World 2021

📆 October 27-29
💸 from $152

Ad World is the largest online advertising event for marketers everywhere. The 2021 edition will feature topics like content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, performance design and creatives, media buying, growth hacking, and lead generation. 

You can spend 50+ hours learning strategies, systems, and insider secrets from leaders in the digital marketing industry, such as Rory Sutherland, Seth Godin, and Mari Smith. So far, only ten speakers have been announced, with more to follow.

Tickets are available here.

10. DigiMarCon World 2021

📆 November 17-18 

💸 $497 – $1,097

With the aim to inspire, challenge, and transform your organization, your business, and yourself, the Digital Marketing, Media, and Advertising conference encompaasses over 40 events held annually around the world, across 18 countries.

The 2021 edition will be attended by over 10,000 digital marketing professionals and will feature 42 speakers from leading brands, including Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Facebook, and Hubspot. 

Tickets are available here at super early bird rates.


📆 November 9
💸 £275 – £550

Atomicon is a one-day content event that will take place in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, but also online. 

The three keynote speakers are businesswoman Deborah Meaden, digital marketing pioneer Ann Handley, and bestselling author Andrew Davis. Apart from that, 12 more speakers will join them.

The conference is multi-track, so you can attend the sessions you like, but catch up later with the ones you missed with all replays included in your ticket.

You can buy tickets from here.

12. LavaCon

📆 October 20-21
💸 $399 – $699

LavaCon is a Hawaiian content marketing conference that marks its 19th edition in 2021. This year’s program focuses on how content can be created and shared across a company.

They went online in 2020 due to the pandemic and are staying virtual this year as well. With announced speakers from Google, Paypal, Microsoft, and Nasa, LavaCon is also on our radar.

If you want to attend but can’t on those days, you can still purchase your ticket here because all sessions will be recorded (or pre-recorded), so you can watch them afterwards.

13. Clarity

📆 October 27-29
💸 $550

Design systems advocates and developers from across the world come together for three days to explore the evolving world of design systems and how we use them to work together. In its 6th year, the Clarity event aims to give the community the tools needed to create better design systems for better usage of creativity.

This year’s event is online and features speakers working for important players and stakeholders in this domain, such as Slack, Pinterest, WordPress, or Dropbox. 

You can find more info here.

14. Digital First (Brussels, Belgium)

📆 October 14-15
💸 25€ – 195€

This event aims to help you understand how the digital environment changed the way businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the entire world we live in.

It will take place both in Brussels and virtually, so anybody can opt for the option that suits them best.

The tickets you can purchase here come in two options: the Business ticket is 25€ and will provide you limited access, while the VIP option is priced at 195€ and includes more perks.

15. CMO Digital Summit: North America 

📆 October 13-15

The American version of CMO Digital Summit tackles the same subjects as the European one, such as facing the challenges of the constantly changing customer behavior caused by the new environment we live in.

Anybody can attend for free but needs to submit an application available on the website

16. Fall Summit 2021

📆 October 11-13
💸 $350 – $1,050

Online Together: Fall Summit 2021 is an online three-day web design conference with an intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more—featuring 15 in-depth sessions, Q&A with the speakers, and more—coming to a device near you.

You’ll get deep insights into where we are now and where things are going next. Find out more about the event here.


📆 October 6-8
💸 225€ – 439€

Whether you’re interested in learning more about product, UX, design, and development, or simply looking to get insights into great companies and discover how they build successful products, this event is what you’re looking for.

This edition will bring 17 leading speakers worldwide, including names from brands like Google, Spotify, Trustpilot, and King. The conference will take place in person in Dublin, but it will also be available online.

Tickets can be found here.

18. CMO Digital Summit: Europe new Digital

📆 October 4-6

The Evolution of the Marketing Skillset will be presented online this year for the European public between 4-6 October. Top speakers working from companies like Blizzard or Schneider Electric, or Amazon will present their vision on approaching the current marketing challenges around acquisition and loyalty.

Customer behavior has recently shifted due to the pandemic, so make sure you apply here to find out how to keep up with it.

19. International Search Summit: Global Virtual Edition 

📆 September 29-30
💸 $25 – $75

The International Search Summit is the only event dedicated entirely to international search marketing topics and challenges. Anybody interested in improving their SEO & SEM strategy, making more engaging content, or understanding more about data is invited to buy their tickets from here.

20. Design Matters

📆 September 29-30
💸 from $400

Design Matters is a community of digital creatives looking to inspire each other in order to perfect their craft individually.

The event will take place in Copenhagen, and some of the topics covered are the design code or the influence of colors in delivering a message through design. The format is hybrid, meaning that the workshops will take place both online and in-person.

A very cool thing about this conference is that they offer a COVID-19 refund guarantee: if you buy an in-person ticket and won’t be able to attend the event due to travel or assembly restrictions, you will get a refund.  

Find out more about the event here.

21. Digital Marketing for Financial Services Midwest Industry 

📆 September 29 – October 1
💸 $699 – $2,399

The post-pandemic world brings new challenges in every domain, and marketing is surely not excluded from this. If you want to properly face and tackle those new challenges, you can attend an event dedicated to presenting the best new practices in marketing innovation.

So, if you want to learn and network with top digital marketers from Charles Schwab, Prudential Financial, U.S. Bank, and many more make sure you purchase your tickets from here.

22. Social Video Strategies Europe

📆 September 30

This event’s purpose is to help professionals learn how to leverage TikTok as a brand. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn growth marketing strategies and tactics directly from the world’s top app growth experts.

If you are interested in knowing more about TikTok advertising, make sure you register here.

23. SocialAtHome Summit Social

📆 September 23-24
💸 from $218

Self-proclaimed Canada’s Virtual Digital Marketing Conference, SocialAtHome Summit, is a successful annual event that is now at its 4th edition.

The event takes place virtually and features top speakers from the domain, including Guy Kawasaki, the author of The Art of Social Media and Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life, and host of the Remarkable People podcast. For two days, it promises more than 30 tailored speaker sessions and workshops hosted by specialists from LinkedIn, TikTok, Google, or Pinterest.

If that sounds interesting enough, get a ticket from here.

24. AIGA Design Conference

📆 September 20-24
💸  from $150

Calling themselves “the biggest event of the year for the creative thinkers,” AIGA Conference is looking to push the boundaries of design by provoking designers to ask and answer challenging questions about the industry’s future.

Some of the questions to be answered are “How big is the influence of design and designers in our world?” or “How can designers be the collaborators they want to be?”

So, if you want to contribute to the future of design, check the ticket price and book your virtual spot.

25. International Design Conference

📆 September 22-23
💸  from $75

The International Design Conference is a session of 24 hours of uninterrupted design inspiration from great creatives working all around the globe. To properly do this, the event invited creators from all disciplines to convene and inspire one another by sharing their knowledge, tips, and best practices. 

The event will feature an expansive collection of presentations, breakout sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and side-bar social interactions, all happening in a carefully choreographed progression. You can join the event from the comfort of your home by registering here.

The great thing is that the entire event will be recorded and available for the ticket holders even after it’s over.

26. CJU21 Virtual Connect Affiliate 

📆 September 14

A convention about connecting with ideas, experts, and partners that will help you grow. If you are an online marketer looking to expand your network for success, CJU21 may be the best place for you. On top of that, you will get insights on topics like customer journey, partner discovery, and mobile app tracking from experts.

Being all about networking, CJU is an invitation-only event and exclusively for active clients of CJ Affiliate. So, if you want to attend the event, make sure you register by setting up an account on their website

27. Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference MarTech

📆 September 13-15
💸 from $199

Artificial Intelligence impacts all aspects of our lives, including how we communicate, create, or work. Of course, it has a big influence on the way we interact with products as well, so that’s why MAICON Conference aims to bring together the best from the industry to help entrepreneurs and marketers grow and accelerate their marketing AI journey.

If you want to truly understand AI and its impact on marketing, you can attend the event from 13-14 September by registering on their website for $200. Of course, an event about AI can not take place anywhere else other than…virtually. 

28. MarTech Conference

📆 September 14-15

Between 14-15 September, MarTech proposes over 75 sessions of trainings and discussions about how marketers should approach data at every turn. Because data is at the center of any online marketing activity nowadays, you should probably consider learning how to leverage this aspect in your marketing strategy. 

The good news is that you can do it now for free, just by registering on their website.

29. NRF NXT Webinar Series

📆 September

This event aims to tackle almost every single aspect of the future of online retail. 

It takes place all around September, and every week has a different topic to be discussed: 

  • Supply Chain Testing ground: The future of last-mile delivery. (September 1-7)
  • The future looks brighter from space. (September 8-14)
  • The future of flagship stores in this new era of retail (September 15-21)
  • The top five things retail marketers need to know about connected TV (22-28 September)
  • Reimagine retail: Exceeding shoppers’ expectations within a transformed retail landscape

If you want to make your September count and get insights and inspiration from leaders creating the future of digital commerce, make sure you register on their website

Final Thoughts

Did you find any interesting events or conferences on this list? If you did, which ones do you plan on attending?

By the way, in case we missed some interesting virtual events, let us know, and we’ll make an update.

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