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People are asking lots of questions about banner ads. They want to know if banner ads are dead or how they are working.  

We realized that many digital marketers and small business owners still struggle on how to design banner ads, how to launch their first Google Adwords campaign or just simply don’t know what a banner ad is exactly.

Here at Creatopy we are working constantly to create a useful platform where people can connect with our specialists and also find the answer for their daily questions related to display advertising, banner ads campaigns or social media campaigns.

But today our answers banner ads related will be out in the open!

1. When to use banner ads

This question is one of the most common questions about banner ads and  I give the same answer every single time!

Whenever you want to visually promote your company!

Because banner ads are that kind of advertising that will give you the chance to promote your product or service using visual content such as images, videos or even animated elements.

But from a business perspective, first of all you should look at your marketing strategy and think about how much money you should invest in online advertising.

2. Where to create banner ads

If you really want to find the answer to this question, you came to the right place. Creatopy is the best tool you need right now when you want to create banner ads. We designed our online banner maker to be easy to use and to give our users the flexibility to design professional banner ads and save them .PNG or .JPEG. Or, f you want an animated banner ad you can save your work as a .GIF or .HTML file.

Here are a few articles that will guide your steps on how to create banner ads right now:

3. Where to place banner ads on a website

If you have a blog or a website and you want to place a banner ad on it you should think about the next questions:

  1. Is this place attractive enough for my users so they will click this banner?
  2. What kind of banner ad do I want to place on my website? What will I promote with it?
  3. Will my banner ad distract the user from the content?

Think about your users first then about your banner ad. Because if people will come to your website you want them to consume your content and share it with their community. But if you will be very aggressive with your banner ads and you will fill every little space on your website with banner ads, they will leave your website right away.

Here are a few articles that will help you choose where to place banner ads on a website and how to use them to make money:

4. Where to buy banner ads

There are 2 important things you must know about buying banner ads. But it really depends on your industry and also on what you want to achieve.  

First, it’s when you reach out to websites and bloggers who are selling spaces on their website. There are tools like Alexa or Semrush that are showing you how a website is doing in the digital atmosphere. How much traffic it gets. Then you should look at it and see how much content it is published on it, how many comments it gets and if they have banner ads.

The thing is that as long as you advertise on that website, you can create a deep relationship with the community that follows the website. The second approach is to go and advertise using Ad networks. The Ad networks are the middle point between a website and your ads. The first Ad network that comes to my mind is Google, but there are also other self-services like Adroll or BuySellAds.

5. Who clicks on banner ads

There is this debate between marketers and small business owners about who clicks on banner ads.

But if we look at the statistics we can find out that:

  • 58% of ages 15-24 had clicked on an ad
  • 71% of college graduates have clicked on an ad in the last 6 month
  • 39% of people who clicked on the ad is because they were interested in the product that was featured

So, it’s clearly not the banner ad’s fault that advertisers don’t know what to put in the rectangle and make the user click on it.

6. What are Google banner ads

Or as many other people, Google ads are an advertising type that is offered by Google that appears in the search results on google.com. You can use Google Adwords or other websites through the Display Network and Google Adsense program.

Google banner ads are the visual ads that appear on the Google Display Network. These Google ads can be a text, an image, a video or a rich media format and it can be easily targeted differently.

Here is everything you need to know about Google Display ads.

7. What makes banner ads effective

If you want to create effective banner ads you must take your audience into consideration. Think about who they are and why they will click on your banner ad. Then look at your product and service and see what is the value proposition of your brand.  

First of all you need to have a clear message. Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to make a statement? Do you want people to click on your banner ad because you have a cool ebook for them? Think about this.

Then invest in quality. Use high quality images and good colors. Don’t forget about branding. People tend to have more trust for banner ads when they see a brand, a website or a company name.

For more information on how to create effective banner ads here is the best article you can read right now.

8. What are flash banner ads

A flash banner ad is an animated web banner that is created with Adobe Flash technology.

These banner ads employ complex animations (like movies or other interactions). Some of them include sound.

Flash banners are .swf objects embedded into web pages.

9. What are banner ads sizes

If you want to advertise using Ad network such as Google Display you must know that they are using a standard ad size.

Here are the top ad sizes you must know about.

Ad sizeNameWhere it’s featuredSupply
300×250Medium RectangleEmbedded within or at the end of articlesGood inventory
336×280Large RectangleEmbedded within or at the end of articlesGood inventory
728×90LeaderboardPlaced on top or in inserted in an articleGood inventory
300×600Half PageFeatured in the right or left hand sideGrowing inventory
468×60BannerFeatured in small spaces inside or on the left in articlesLimited, declining inventory
234×60Half BannerFeatured in small spaces inside or on the left in articlesLimited, declining inventory
120×600SkyscraperFeatured in websites sidebarsLimited inventory
160×600Wide SkyscraperFeatured in websites sidebarsGood inventory
970×90Wide SkyscraperTop of website pagesLimited inventory
200×200Small SquareUsually featured in the right hand sidebarLimited inventory
250×250SquareUsually featured in the right hand sidebarLimited inventory

But with Creatopy you don’t have to memorize all these sizes because we are giving you the right size, and we also giving you a pre designed template for your campaign.

Here is an useful infographic that will show you the guide of web banner sizes.

10. What are banner ads impressions

These banner ads impressions are sometimes called views or ad views. They represent  the point when a banner ad is viewed once by a user/visitor, or displayed once on a web page or blog.

The impressions from an online advertising perspective is when an ad (text, image, video, rich media) is carried from its source and is countable.

Each time an ad is fetched, it is counted as one impression.

11. Are banner ads dead

Banner ads are not dead and won’t die. Why? Because they reinvent themselves with each upgrade of technology. Today we see banner ads everywhere on the internet, only that we call them Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Promoted pins or Linkedin ads. They have the same behavior but on different inventory.

So banner ads are not dead, they just reinvented themselves and now we call them different names.

12. What is CPM in banner ads

Cost per mile (CPM) in banner advertising refers to the estimated cost for one thousand views or impressions. CPM is used to calculate the relative cost of an advertising campaign, and makes it easier to estimate the efficiency of various advertising campaigns.

13. What are mobile banner ads

Mobile banner ads are banners specifically designed to be used in advertising campaigns that target mobile users only. As mobile devices come with certain limitations, the banners used in mobile advertising need a bit more attention.

14. How are banner ads measured

Banner ads have a much more intricate impact on a brand, and tracking them correctly can be a challenge even for the most experienced marketers. Apart from the directly measurements of a banner ad campaign based on clicks and direct conversion, the efficiency of a campaign can be measured in many other ways.  

Views through conversions, a common metric found in probably all display networks, plays an important role when it comes to display advertising. Views through conversions paired with the correct attribution model will provide the most accurate data when it comes to measuring a campaign’s success.

15. What are banner ads tags

Tags in banner advertising are used to track performance on more than one level. By using tags you can import your data in google analytics and can easily follow your campaign’s performance within analytics.

There are 4 primary tags you can ad at the end of your destination URL

1) Source (representing the source of your traffic);

2) Medium (the type of ad; i.e. banner, cpc, email, etc.);

3) Content (the type of ads you are running – static or animated etc.);

4) Campaign (for example new product launch campaign, black Friday campaign, etc).

You can use this tool to create tags for your URL’s.


Here are the 15 answers for the most searched questions about banner ads.

Now let me know in the comment section below what other questions do you have about banner ads and we try our best to give you the right answers!

Robert Katai
Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.


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