Benefits Of Display Advertising
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Display advertising is like a giant spider web across the internet, reaching 90% of internet users worldwide across millions of websites, including Gmail and YouTube.

This means it can boost brand awareness so you can reach more customers. 

But what do you do when there are high demands and a lot of campaigns to manage?

Is there any way you can leverage display ads and not feel overwhelmed? 

Today, we’re going to walk through the benefits of using display advertising at its finest—in a mix of automation with creativity.

9 Benefits of Display Advertising

1. Allows you to be creative

Display ads have evolved a lot. The very first display ad was from AT&T when people didn’t know yet about the advantages of online advertising. It looked like this:

at&t first display ad

Image source

It worked because people clicked on it, but nowadays, we’d probably think it’s something shady if we’d see something like this.

Today, display ads have an image or a background, a powerful headline, a strong call to action button, the company logo, and a color palette that goes hand in hand with the message and product/service.

This being said, you need to use a little bit of creativity in any display ad to attract customers and discover the true advertising benefits.

 But worry not. 

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to use sophisticated words in your ad copy or go above and beyond to make it look overly artistic.

Sometimes just picking the right color combination in display ads and having a compelling message can do wonders.

Not to mention that animated ads draw more attention than static ones, so you can use this to your advantage. 

In Creatopy, for example, you can animate your display ad in just one click. Discover all the animation improvements we’ve added in the last few months. 

2. Supports creative automation

Automated ad production is something every advertiser needs because it eliminates repetitive tasks that take too much time. At the same time, it allows you to make thousands of ad creatives fast and easy, adjusted for a range of platforms and sizes.

Here’s how Creatopy supports creative automation:

A. CSV Upload

With Creatopy, you have the possibility to make ad variations based on a CSV file. The file needs to contain various data necessary to create multiple ad creatives from one single design, such as product name, image, headline, body text, CTA, target URL, etc.

CSV Feed Example

Besides the fast turnaround of ad creatives, it’s never been easier to scale your work and reduce unnecessary costs and errors due to the huge amount of tasks.

B. Ad serving add-on

This is another feature designed to help you serve ads at the click of a button through ad tag and allow better control over your creatives, showing you one of the best benefits of display advertising.

Here’s everything that’s included: 

  1. There are 24 ad networks to choose from. All you have to do is get the unique embed code and use it on your preferred platform(s). You can also select the standard code for general use.
  2. You can create a single ad design or an entire ad set, which you can easily share afterward by activating the ad serving add-on.
  3. You can enable the ClickTag option or the responsive scaling so that your ads will become responsive while keeping their proportions.

If you want to use this feature, all you need is a Creatopy active subscription. Then, you can activate it from Team Settings > Ad Serving.

inactive ad serving creatopy

When you put these two automation features together, you’ll be impressed by how much you can get done.

3. Makes real-time updates easy

Once your display ads are live, you can always update them in real-time through Creatopy’s ad serving add-on without needing to reupload them.

And this is a major display advertising benefit.

Here’s why.

Let’s imagine this. You created a display ad, downloaded it, and uploaded it on your preferred ad network. It has to go through a process of approval from Google to make sure you’re complying with all the requirements, such as size, resolution, and so on. Google approves your creative, but once it goes live, you notice a typo. In this case, you have to create the design again, upload it, and wait for approval once again.

If you’re using the ad tag from Creatopy, you don’t need to reupload it because Creatopy’s servers will host your design. So, once you spot the mistake, all you have to do is go to Creatopy, make the changes, and update them straight from there. The changes will appear in real-time on the ad network too.

The Ad Serving button from our platform turns orange when your designs have updates that haven’t been synced to your live campaigns, so you’ll always be aware of the status of your ads.

creatopy ad serving updates

4. Eliminates size limitation barriers

You probably know that ad networks usually set the file size restrictions at around 150KB. Because of this, you can sometimes get your ad rejected and have to make certain adjustments and submit your visual again. 

The good news is that you can avoid these situations by using an ad tag. For example, by using the ad tag in Creatopy, you will host your ads on our servers, so you won’t have to worry about file size restrictions ever again.

So, if you were wondering which is a benefit of advertising online, keep in mind that this is an important aspect of display ads since their quality is directly proportional to how your audience perceives your brand.

5. Makes A/B testing easy

When it comes to online display advertising, A/B testing is greatly recommended so you can see what makes your audience click on your ad.

Suppose you launched a display advertising campaign, and after a while, you measure its performance. You see that it’s not doing great, but you don’t know exactly why, and now you have to repeat the process from the beginning: create, launch, analyze.

A better option would be to launch different versions of the same ad creative and measure both of them to see which one is doing better. We love A/B testing, especially when it’s easier to create multiple versions of the same ad with the Feed Ad Builder feature mentioned above.

So, create two different variants of the same display ad and experiment with everything from the color of the CTA button to the background image or even copy.

To have a visual representation of the changes I mentioned, here’s an example of a template from Creatopy to which I edited the CTA color. Both versions can be launched to see which one is doing better.

display ad large rectangle

6. Is cost-effective

I’ve already mentioned a bit about display ads being cost-effective when creating them in Creatopy. If you also use the automation features the platform has to offer, you’re golden.

All you need is an active subscription, and then you can experiment with all the platform has to offer.

Another benefit of display ads, when you’re not using the ad serving add-on, is that you can choose how to pay for them. Google Ads allows you to pick the right pricing for you. It can be cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand impression (CPM), or cost-per-action (CPA).

The thing is, you can increase brand awareness and sales with low investments in your advertising campaigns.

7. Grants a personalized approach

You can create different kinds of display ads according to the audience you are targeting.

Let’s say you have a product that addresses more than one age group. With display ads, ad tag, and CSV together in one big mix, you can create ads for all the age groups you’re targeting and launch them all at once on different platforms.

This is one of the best ways you can bring together the automation and creative part, which makes one of the major benefits of online advertising.

8. Attracts leads through retargeting 

With display advertising, you can also take advantage of retargeting, which is an essential part of converting visitors into customers.

With retargeting, you’re reminding people of what they looked at on your website so that they could return and browse some more or rethink their decision.

It also works when a visitor was interested in a product, added it to their cart, but did not finish the checkout process. Maybe they simply forgot about it or weren’t sure, which makes retargeting a good reminder.

Retargeting works at its best when you segment your visitors according to their interest in particular items on your website. You can also choose not to retarget them if they have already converted, but the thing is that you can explore the many advantages of advertising to raise awareness and increase sales.

9. Offers insights into ad performance

Like everything in marketing, display ads need to be tracked too.

Once you create your ads in Creatopy, you can use the platform’s Ad Tag feature to measure their performance from the reporting section.

Enter your Team Settings, then go to the Ad Serving option, where you’ll have the Reports section.

You can select the period you want to analyze and also add breakdowns that you wish to see in the final report.

Then, download your report in a CSV file.

ad serving reports


Display ads have always been effective, and since marketers can automate them in a creative way, they have become one powerful tool.

If you don’t have an account already, go ahead and try Creatopy’s Feed Ad Builder together with the Ad Tag add-on, see how much you can boost your sales, and discover one big advantage of online advertising.

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