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As a company whose mission is to empower creativity, we at Creatopy are committed to making a statement and revolutionizing how the world communicates visually. As we constantly evolve, we are in a perpetual state of learning. Therefore, “perfection” is what we aim for. Everybody is. 

That is why we’re excited to announce that this year we partnered with the UNFINISHED festival, which brings together speakers, artists, performers and participants from all geographies, all walks of life, and all disciplines around the simple idea of learning from each other. 

The festival is taking place online, starting October 24, 2021 until October 31, 2021. We are thrilled to join this vibrant community of global thinkers and makers. Part festival, part talks, part art, part undefined, UNFINISHED is an experience in constant evolution. 

Everything Is UNFINISHED

UNFINISHED, which started in 2016 as a multidisciplinary movement, is now becoming a new kind of community distinguished by its creativity to gather people ever more meaningfully, whether online or offline. 

This year’s theme revolves around the concept of MIDNIGHT; it’s a nice kind of double-edge-sword concept, being the moment we switch from one day to another. It has a dark side but also a bright side. The fears of the middle of the night but also the hopes of fairy tales. It’s the moment of truth too. It’s an end but also a beginning.

This year’s edition includes, amongst others, keynotes, workshops, panels, leadership sessions, art installations, wellness classes, and concerts.

Empowering Creativity

On our behalf, we at Creatopy are focused on empowering creativity for all, which is why we are providing tools and solutions to revolutionize the way the world communicates visually. 

Featuring advanced automation and customization capabilities, along with an ever-growing library of templates and original visual elements, Creatopy offers advertisers and marketers the tools they need to spark their creative journey and keep their visual content organized and always on-brand.

Reinventing Social Connections

Uniting around our shared mission of reinventing communications and, therefore, social connections, Creatopy and UNFINISHED are designing a unique program of talks and debates anchored in design, technology, and sustainability during this year’s week-long festival.

We are eager to build better harmony between us and our tools to unlock everyone’s creative potential through our joint forces. Together, we strive to help every human focus their energy and work on what really matters: connecting with others more creatively, more intuitively, more profoundly.

Apply to Attend

You are all invited to this year’s festival—here is where you can apply to attend. The access is complimentary; however, you are expected to pay with your most valued currency, which is TIME.  

I’m looking forward to witnessing the power of this incredible community firsthand, and I invite you all at Midnight for an unforgettable experience. Will you join us starting October 24?

Ioana Ciobanu
I am a PR Coordinator at Creatopy. A bookworm in disguise, I am also passionate about tennis, theatre and crochet. Get in touch with me at

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