How to design a banner ad for Black Friday with Bannersnack
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Black Friday is here, folks! The question we all have to ask ourselves is: Are we truly ready for this year’s Black Friday?

Many retailers and other service providers are preparing for months to get into the Black Friday atmosphere.

I will structure this article into two categories:

  1. How to Design a Banner ad for Black Friday

  2. Where to display your banner ads

Reading this article will help you understand how to create a well designed banner ad and how to successfully display them.

Let’s start with the design part.

How to Design a Banner Ad for Black Friday

Before we dig into this topic, I want you to stop whatever you’re doing and think about these questions:

Why are you designing banner ads?

Do you want to get more traffic? Do you want to get more customers? Do you want to grow your brand awareness? What do you want from your banner ad?

You might think that this question is a waste of time but answering this questions will help you understand the purpose of your banner ad.

Did you found the right answers? Great.

Now let’s get into the main topic of the banner ad. Main Topic? Exactly. Main Topic.

This is the second most important thing before you start creating your banner ad. What will be the main topic of your banner ad?

Maybe, you want to show your audience that you have some big discounts and other deals on Black Friday. Or maybe, you just want to tease your target with a branded banner ad where you are just giving a quick tip like “Hey, check this out! We have some interesting things to show you because it’s Black Friday.”

What is the main topic of your banner ad?

Now let’s get into the design part. How do you design a banner ad?

There are 5 important points you need to check when about a Black Friday banner ad:

  1. Wireframe

  2. Background

  3. The Subject

  4. Readable CTA

  5. Brand Recognition

Wireframe – Before you start designing your banner ad you need to know the size that you will use. So, if you want to make display advertising, we recommend you to use the standard size. But if you only want to use a banner ad on your website, you can choose whatever fits you.

After you set up your banner ad size we can go forward and start the design itself.

Background – You need a simple background that will make your banner ad stand out but at the same time, help your target read what’s on it. So our recommendation is to use a simple color (if you want to get into the Black Friday theme, you can use the black color) or a photo with a 80% of opacity of a darker color shape before it.

Now that we have the background set up, let’s see what’s next.

The Subject – Remember your main topic? Great, now it’s the time to use it.

To make people click your banner ad, you should call them to take the action.

Readable Call To Action – Using buttons to make them click on your banner ad. According to Go-Globe, “47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.” And if you want to know more on how you can make your get clicked, here are 16 hacks you can read on Neil Patel’s blog post.

But who are you?

Brand Recognize – This is the part where you must insert your logo or your brand name or your website. Why? Because you need to build trust with your target and when somebody will see that banner ad, they can trust clicking on it. Here is a list which will give more information on this topic.

To help you understand how to design a banner ad, we created a step by step guide for creating a simple and successful banner ad.

You designed the banner ad. What’s next?

Well my friends, this depends on you.

If you want to make a display advertising campaign you can read here everything you need to know about setting up a display advertising campaign on the Google Display Network and also I recommend you to read more about Facebook Retargeting.

Or you can write a piece of great content on your blog, promote this blog post on social media, and when the reader is on your website you can tell him about your biggest discount by showing him a simple bottom banner ad.


Before you start designing your banner ad you should ask yourself why you design it and what do you want from your banner ad? 

Be ready to make your brand stand out from the crowd by designing a professional banner ad with these 5 important points.

Back to you now. How do you design your banner ad and where do you display it?

Robert Katai
Robert Katai is the Product Marketing Specialist at Creatopy. His work was featured on Adweek, Entrepreneur, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places.

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