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The FREE Social Media Templates Pack You Need To Take Off

free social media templates- Facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, pinterest
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Your presence here means that you’ve had enough with improvising on social media and have finally acknowledged the importance of high-quality promotional materials.

Like many, you’ve postponed investing in better-looking visuals for a long time. Hiring a dedicated designer for your social media posts was never on top of your priorities list. Paying someone to put together a marketing plan or a social media content calendar wasn’t either. 

Somehow, you’ve managed to show up on social media every day with recycled materials from other “more important media” or with “borrowed” images.

But the sad truth eventually hit you with every monthly analytics report: low engagement rates, a handful of page visits, a stagnant number of followers, and non-existent conversion rates.

So, you may want to consider working with a professional, free graphic design tool and getting your social media posts in line with today’s trends, and speeding up your editorial calendar.

We’ve compiled beautiful visual templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Plus, you’ll find all the social media sizes up-to-date, so you won’t need to browse the web for them.

Scroll down to have a look and click on any image to start creating your custom social media image post or ad.

Or, jump to what you’re looking for:

Facebook Templates: Posts, Covers, and Ads

As the world’s biggest social media platform, with 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides a broad range of opportunities from building a brand community to selling your products faster online.

Owning a Facebook page is no longer an option but a must-have for every business. Needless to say, running ads on Facebook should be part of every marketer’s advertising strategy and should be approached with professionalism.

Creatopy offers thousands of beautiful ready-made templates for Facebook that can easily be customizable. Have a look at the Facebook posts templates, cover image templates, and ads templates.

Facebook posts templates

Facebook post dimensions: 1200 x 900

Thousands of Facebook templates suited for all industries, seasons, holidays, and life events and waiting for you in Creatopy. Click any of the templates below to start crafting your Facebook post right now.

Facebook animated posts templates

Keep your followers entertained and increase the engagement rate with animated Facebook posts.

Facebook cover templates

Facebook cover template dimensions: 820 x 312

Make a great first impression on visitors checking out your page with a stunning Facebook cover image.

Animated Facebook cover templates

Dazzle visitors with a surprising animated cover. Create one for your page right now by clicking the image. Use the Magic Animator tool for a quick dynamic effect or use the animation effects in the Timeline view to create a more complex animation.

Facebook ads templates

Facebook ads dimensions: 1200 x 628

Facebook is one of the best and largest online advertising platforms, providing businesses of all sizes with extremely precise targeting tools, increasing click-through rates. Be one of the 2 million advertisers who use Facebook, and promote your business on Facebook. Start with this ad template:

Facebook animated ads template

Instagram Templates: Posts, Stories, and Ads

With more than 1 billion monthly active users (out of which 500 million log in daily), Instagram shouldn’t be overlooked.

As a visual platform, Instagram provides the perfect medium for businesses to showcase their products, thanks to its broad range of posts and ads formats. More, Instagram uses Facebook’s ingenious Ads Manager, which means you can set up your campaigns through Facebook’s ads center and benefit from their smart audience targeting settings.

Long story short: reach the people who show interest in your products and could buy them.

Save time and create professional Instagram posts or ads using Creatopy’s collection of custom templates.

Instagram post templates

Instagram post dimensions: 1080 x 1080

Instagram ad templates

Creatopy stores a collection of beautiful static and animated Instagram ad templates. Click the images below to start creating your ad. Or browse through our templates to find something suited to your industry. Customize it with your details and logo and download it to your computer.

Instagram ad dimensions: 1200 x 628

Instagram story templates

Make use of the coolest post format of the moment, the Instagram story ad, to increase your follower base and boost engagement. Easily create Instagram story ads using Creatopy’s drag & drop editor and publish them to keep your followers entertained.

Use the powerful stories feature to create buzz around your brand: release behind the scene snappy videos, how-to guides, and sneak peeks at your projects. Browse through our batch of Instagram stories templates. Click the stories examples below to go to Creatopy’s editor and discover the full collection.

Instagram stories dimensions: 1080 x 1920

Twitter Templates: Headers and Tweets

With 314.9 million monthly active users in 2020, Twitter is a social media platform worth adding to your marketing toolkit. Though it started out as a text platform, Twitter is a full-option social media channel today, allowing users to write bigger posts (up to 280 characters) and add links, images, gifs, and videos.

As a business, you can set up a professional business page and showcase your products through a stunning cover image. Also, you can run ads and reach people interested in your brand and products (category).

Twitter cover templates

Start from this Twitter cover template and create your own. Add your product pictures, logo, and details. Or choose a template from your industry. Browse through our set of cover templates.

Twitter cover dimensions: 1500 x 500

Twitter post templates

Stand out on Twitter with beautiful post images. A study by Linchpin SEO found that Twitter posts with images have two times the engagement rate of text-only Tweets.

Twitter image post dimensions: 1024 x 512


YouTube Templates: Channel Art and Thumbnails

Among social networks, YouTube’s number of users is second only to Facebook, with over 2 billion monthly users.  

According to Forester Research, YouTube is a teenagers’ favorite: 96% of US teenagers declared they use the platform. YouTube can help you reach audiences in countries worldwide, with interests in your product category.

YouTube channel cover templates

Whether you own a YouTube channel or intend to set one up soon, these custom cover templates can help you shape a nice channel page.

Use any of the templates below as a starting point or just click to access our editor and collection of YouTube channel cover templates.

YouTube cover image dimensions: 2560 x 1440

YouTube video thumbnail template

Also, these video thumbnail templates could make your work (and life) so much easier. Just click to edit and customize these thumbnail images, download them, and use them for your video. Stand out on YouTube search and related suggestions.

YouTube video thumbnail dimensions: 1280 x 720


LinkedIn Templates: Backgrounds and Cover Images

As the world’s largest network of professionals, LinkedIn can help you reach professionals interested in what you sell. According to PewInternet, the platform attracts people with higher-paid jobs.

LinkedIn cover templates

Set up (or re-design) your LinkedIn page with a premium cover image. Browse through our set of LinkedIn cover image templates and choose one that suits your industry. Then, customize it with your details and logo and download it to your computer. Step up your game and impress professionals visiting your profile page. This is a business opportunity you can’t miss.

LinkedIn cover image dimensions: 1584 x 396

Pinterest Pin Templates

Although Pinterest is fourth in popularity, the platform acts more like a place of research, learn and shop rather than connecting with others. Which makes it the perfect network for brands to sell their products. According to SproutSocial, people use Pinterest to plan life events like weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties. They actively search for what they need for these events and pin findings to their boards.

Make use of this opportunity and promote your products on Pinterest. Start with these templates. Or browse something more suited to your field.

Pinterest post dimensions: 600 x 1200

10 Reasons to Use Creatopy As Your Go-To Online Design Tool

Whether you’re a small local restaurant or a large e-commerce website, Creatopy can help you create stunning social media images to sell your services/products. Here’s why:

  1. No Photoshop design skills are needed. All you need to know is drag & drop.
  2. Preset sizes and formats. No need to look up sizes and formats for each social media channel. Creatopy’s templates are sized to fit all social media standards.
  3. Access to thousands of free social media templates covering all industries under the Sun.
  4. Animated posts and ads. You can create eye-catching posts and ads using Creatopy’s easy-to-use animation effects.
  5. +2 million Shutterstock high-quality stock photos. Find any image you may need.
  6. Graphic elements, typography presets, and background textures. Get creative.
  7. Create sets of social media images simultaneously with Banner Generator, a revolutionary tool that allows you to create multiple size visuals in a single click.
  8. Thousands of free design resources (articles, dedicated Facebook group, and Help Center tutorials) to help you create better social media posts and ads, run online advertising campaigns, and understand the industry.
  9. Organize your graphics in projects and create Brand Kits.
  10. Download your social media materials as PNG, JPG, GIF files.

Keep up with today’s social media trends and increase your followers base with premium visuals. It’s time to drive people to your website and boost your sales.

Illustration by Anita Molnar

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