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Instagram story maker for interactive content

Make engaging Instagram stories online with Creatopy’s Instagram story maker. Get your brand in front of your audience and drive views and engagements. With Creatopy, you can make stories with just a few clicks using templates, illustrations, animations, and other design assets.

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Choose from a variety of stunning
Instagram templates

Get a head start with your design process by choosing an Instagram story ad template from our library. Choose a template that best suits your business from a variety of industries. Drag and drop your custom design elements onto the canvas to personalize your story on Insta, or use Creatopy's library of premium images, illustrations, icons, and other design elements.

key features

Stand out with your next story on Insta

Our platform offers the perfect mix of features for making Insta stories online as simple as ever. Creatopy blends automation with customization options for increased efficiency and brand uniqueness.

Text customization

Highlight the message of your Instagram story ad with different font styles and weights, all available in Creatopy. You can always upload your own fonts for more personalization.

Stock media library

Personalize your Instagram stories with Creatopy’s Shutterstock images, premium music, and videos. Upload your own assets or link your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.

Image personalization

Our platform features a background remover and image blending options, so you can highlight your products and make them visually appealing in your Instagram stories.
Swipe-stopping stories

Engage with animations

Make dynamic Instagram stories online using Creatopy’s advanced animations. Determine the movement of each design element on your creative with great precision. Adjust the object scaling rate, movement path, and rotation angle, and tell your story through unique motion.

Strong visual identity

Make stories on brand

Create a cohesive visual identity amongst your audience with branded Instagram stories. Our Instagram story maker helps you organize your branding assets in dedicated Brand kits. Add your logo, fonts, color palettes, images, and other assets to your Brand kit, and get ready to create stories that show your brand’s personality.

Design automation

Bulk edit your entire social media campaign

Save time by designing all the sizes you need for your social media campaign at once. Whether you require an Instagram post, a Facebook sponsored message, an Instagram story, or other sizes, you can include as many as you need in a custom design set and apply all the edits simultaneously.

step by step

How to make an Instagram story with Creatopy

Create an Instagram story ad in just 4 easy steps.

  • Choose a template

    Browse Creatopy's template gallery and pick a template that suits you best. You can also start your design from scratch and add all the elements yourself.

  • Customize your story

    Customize your Instagram story with illustrations, unique typography, CTAs, stock videos, animations, and many other design elements in Creatopy's editor.

  • Check the branding

    Make sure your story adheres to your brand guidelines. If you have a Brand kit already in Creatopy, drag your branded elements and apply your color palette.

  • Export your design

    Download your story in any format you need, including JPG, PNG, GIF, or MP4, and get ready to reach your desired audience on Instagram.


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Design swipe-stopping Instagram stories

Create Instagram stories online with unique designs that attract followers and elevate your brand in the most captivating way. Our Instagram story maker helps you grab attention right at the top of users’ feeds.