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Increase awareness and invite users to discover your brand through custom-made banners for your LinkedIn business profile. Introduce your team to Creatopy's intuitive tools and go from idea to finished design in a matter of minutes.

LinkedIn banner maker
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LinkedIn banner templates

Save valuable time by starting banner design with a template. Gain access to a variety of premade designs included in your subscription cost, all categorized by industry so it’s easy to find a match. To customize one in our LinkedIn banner creator and incorporate your brand’s identity, simply drag and drop design elements onto your design.

LinkedIn banner templates

How to create a LinkedIn banner

  • Choose a template

    Browse the wide selection of banner templates to find one that suits your needs. Use the categories filter to narrow down the search. To design from blank, choose a predefined cover photo size.

  • Customize your design

    Make a personalized banner by changing imagery, colors, or text in the LinkedIn banner creator. Explore the Elements library to discover all the creative assets that you can use.

  • Bulk design resize

    Instantly resize a LinkedIn banner design on various sizes for other social media channels. Any change you make to one of the banners will automatically apply to all sizes right away.

  • Export your banners

    Rapidly download all your banner versions in a single export. To comply with LinkedIn's cover image technical recommendations, choose either the JPG or PNG format.

Top Features

All in one LinkedIn banner creator


Brand alignment

Keep brand consistency across all banners by storing assets like logos or licensed imagery in a Brand Kit you can easily access when creating branded cover photos for LinkedIn.


Shapes, lines, and masks

Experiment with your banner design until you reach the perfect combination of elements. Mix different shapes, lines, and masks to stand out, while keeping a professional look.


Premium stock photos

Build cover photos capable of capturing users' attention with premium stock images that you can access directly from our LinkedIn banner creator.


Background removal

Highlight the subject of any photo on your LinkedIn cover. Automatically remove the background of your image and place the pixel-perfect cutout where you want on the banner.


Typography presets

Convey your message using beautiful font pairings. Customize banners with Creatopy's typography presets to have aesthetically pleasing texts, without sacrificing readability.


Seamless collaboration

Maintain an open feedback loop throughout the design process without having to exchange emails. Comment on banners in real-time and implement necessary changes on the spot.

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Level up your LinkedIn banner making

Increase visibility and invite users to discover your brand through professional-looking LinkedIn banners. Register for a free trial and allow Creatopy's intuitive tools and creative resources to simplify your work.

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