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It’s been almost two months since we announced our rebranding, and today it’s time to reveal another exciting project that we’ve been working on: the third season of our podcast, The Drag & Drop Show.

The first season was dedicated to exploring the many manifestations of creativity, while the second one put empathy in the spotlight.

For this season, our host, Andra Zaharia, will take you behind the scenes of some of the most challenging rebranding projects in the SaaS industry.

Since we’ve been through a rebranding ourselves, we were curious to find out how other SaaS companies such as Bitdefender, Typeform, Unbounce, and others approached this process and what it was like for them.

If you want to learn:

  • How a rebrand transforms an organization
  • Why companies go through rebrandings
  • How they pull it off
  • What motivations, decisions, and actions make a successful rebranding
  • How a rebranding breathes new life into a business

then you’ll love this season.

We’ll be releasing a new episode every other Wednesday, so stay tuned because tomorrow you’ll be able to listen to the first episode.

It’s a special one, featuring Gabriel Ciordas, Creatopy CEO, and Ciprian Robu, Senior Designer at Brandient. The discussion will dive into how the new brand identity was born and what it was like to work with Brandient to bring Creatopy to life.

Feel free to check our blog or our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) to be the first to know when we publish the episode.

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